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A Java sample that makes a query request to the Alexa Top Sites web service, and get back the top 100 results for a particular country. The list of available countries is returned when you use the ListCountries response group. The list includes US, CN, DE. If no CountryCode is specified, a global list is returned.


Submitted By: Greg@Alexa
AWS Products Used: Other
Created On: September 29, 2006 5:18 PM GMT
Last Updated: June 6, 2011 12:00 AM GMT

The readme file in the download explains how to use this sample.


compiled and ran without a glitch but be careful to get your country codes right - if you want to choose, on the command-line, where your 100 sites returned comes from in the list (e.g. 1-100 or 1001-1100 etc.) then it will need amending but this is not a huge challenge. Perhaps worth trying a version in groovy...
BeanSprout on May 6, 2009 9:24 AM GMT
Very simple but hits the spot!
To be honest, this does exactly what one would expect: nothing more, nothing less. Even entry-level Java programmers could make sense of this. No code changes are required to make it run as one merely provides command line arguments. Note that by running it, it will cost you 24c (+ 4c tax)!
stevewestwood on February 6, 2008 10:33 PM GMT
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