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These examples illustrate using SimpleDB in a step-by-step approach. They should serve as a quick start introduction and tutorial. The goal is for each program to be small and east to understand. Includes a JSP and HTML page to put sample data into YUI Data Table
Last Modified: Mar 18, 2009 15:52 PM GMT
A library for accessing Amazon SimpleDB from C/C++ programs.
Last Modified: Mar 18, 2009 15:41 PM GMT
This is a DAO support library which provide basic operations for items stored in Simple DB. It used typica project for Simple DB API calls. It allows you to work with SimpleDB in JPA style.
Last Modified: Mar 16, 2009 10:34 AM GMT
php-sdb is a PHP class providing a simple interface to Amazon SimpleDB.
Last Modified: Mar 12, 2009 20:49 PM GMT
Example code from the book Programming Amazon Web Services.
Last Modified: Feb 5, 2009 3:58 AM GMT
A sample Ruby on Rails application that demonstrates how to use Amazon SimpleDB for a product catalog.
Last Modified: Jan 19, 2009 18:58 PM GMT
This sample is a partial wrapper for the SimpleDb API for the iPhone.
Last Modified: Jan 12, 2009 23:56 PM GMT
A lightweight and easy to use interface to Amazon's SimpleDB web service, written in Scala.
Last Modified: Jan 2, 2009 20:03 PM GMT
RightScale's AWS gems provide Ruby interfaces to four key Amazon Web Services: CloudFront, EC2, S3, SQS and SDB. An optional robust HTTP layer retries and clears transient errors.
Last Modified: Nov 25, 2008 18:12 PM GMT
Store your capistrano deployment configuration (including multistage support!) in amazon simple db. a great building block for elastic deployments
Last Modified: Nov 4, 2008 16:39 PM GMT
An Erlang library for AWS.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:43 PM GMT
C# implementation of the SimpleDB data model and API
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:41 PM GMT
This plugin will make SimpleDB available as a storage backend for Rails applications via ActiveResource.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:41 PM GMT
A Linq To SimpleDB provider that allows .net developers to easily query SimpleDB domains using Linq. Also provides a domain layer for SimpleDB to make it easy to interact with.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:40 PM GMT
Excel VBA Project. Access SimpleDB and Amazon S3 from Excel/VB6. Includes VBA-friendly HMAC-SHA1 dll.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:36 PM GMT
A Java Persistence API Implementation for SimpleDB makes using SimpleDB in your java app a piece of cake.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:35 PM GMT
A ColdFusion front end for accessing all of Amazon Web Services' primary web hosting components: EC2/S3/SQS/SimpleDB. Tested on Windows and Linux, ColdFusion 7 & 8.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:32 PM GMT
A simple Java browser for editing domains and items in SimpleDB.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:26 PM GMT
An implementation of SimpleDB for AS3
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:24 PM GMT
Plugin for WordPress. Uses Amazon SimpleDB to keep track of tags from multiple blogs.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:19 PM GMT
Implements a parallelized version of the Amazon SimpleDB client in PHP. This client utilizes cURL and the curl_multi* library to send the requests.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:18 PM GMT
ActiveRecordtoSDB is just a simple wrapper class which implements some extra functionality on top of RightAWS ActiveSDB.The goal is to make it easier to transition the appropriate models of a project from a traditional RDBMS to SimpleDB, by implementing some of the most used functionality of ActiveRecord.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:17 PM GMT
T-437 is a GUI client written in Java for SimpleDB. It allows you to view your domains and your items within them.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 20:11 PM GMT
This package provides and easy-to-use, high-level PHP library to access SimpleDB. It includes the pawsSDB class, complete documentation, example code, and utilities.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 19:50 PM GMT
SLO is a set of PHP objects that provide a bare-bones website with user login control. SLO uses SimpleDB to store the user login information.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2008 19:49 PM GMT
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