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An internet advertising company operates a data warehouse using Hive and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. This company runs machines in Amazon EC2 that serve advertising impressions and redirect clicks to the advertised sites. The machines running in Amazon EC2 store each impression and click in log files pushed to Amazon S3.

Last Modified: Apr 29, 2015 17:47 PM GMT
Download page for EMR's Ruby Command Line Interface. NOTE: This is now deprecated. Please see below
Last Modified: Jan 9, 2015 23:42 PM GMT
This article shows how to use EMR to efficiently export DynamoDB tables to S3, import S3 data into DynamoDB, and perform sophisticated queries across tables stored in both DynamoDB and other storage services such as S3.
Last Modified: Sep 26, 2013 0:23 AM GMT
Write multi-step MapReduce jobs in Python and run them on Amazon Elastic MapReduce or your own Hadoop Cluster.
Last Modified: Dec 16, 2010 22:30 PM GMT
PHP library for Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Last Modified: Apr 8, 2010 16:47 PM GMT
Java Library for Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Last Modified: Apr 6, 2010 20:33 PM GMT
C# Library for Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Last Modified: Dec 3, 2009 0:49 AM GMT
VB.NET Library for Amazon Elastic MapReduce
Last Modified: Dec 3, 2009 0:49 AM GMT
This library provides user defined functions for performing string manipulation and DateTime functions.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2009 0:07 AM GMT
Data Wrangling blogger and AWS developer Peter Skomoroch gives us an introduction to Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Peter Skomoroch is a consultant at Data Wrangling in Arlington, VA where he mines large datasets to solve problems in search, finance, and recommendation systems.
Last Modified: Apr 8, 2009 1:05 AM GMT
This example shows how to use Hadoop Streaming to count the number oftimes that words occur within a text collection.
Last Modified: Apr 2, 2009 20:53 PM GMT
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