LitS3 Commander

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LitS3 Commander is a command-line tool for working with Amazon S3 buckets and objects. It is written in IronPython, based on the LitS3 library, and runs on any platform where IronPython 1.1 is supported.


Submitted By: Atif Aziz
AWS Products Used: Amazon S3
Languages(s): Python
License: MIT License
Source Control Access:
Created On: February 26, 2009 10:58 PM GMT
Last Updated: March 12, 2009 8:48 PM GMT
LitS3 Commander is part of the LitS3 project. Please visit the LitS3 project home page for more information. Using LitS3 Commander, you can:
  • List buckets
  • Upload a file as an S3 object
  • Download an S3 object as a local file
  • Delete an S3 object
  • Pipe text to an S3 object
  • Pipe text from an S3 object
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