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Ruby/AWS is a high-level Ruby language interface to the Amazon Associates Web Service. It provides support for the complete AWS API and supersedes the popular Ruby/Amazon library.


Submitted By: Ian Macdonald
AWS Products Used: Amazon Associates Web Service
Language(s): Ruby
License: GNU General Public License (GPL version 2)
Source Control Access: Private CVS
Created On: August 19, 2008 11:02 AM GMT
Last Updated: February 20, 2009 1:16 AM GMT
Ruby/AWS is a Ruby language library that allows programmatic access to the popular Amazon Web sites via the AWS v4 API. It is the successor to the once popular, but now obsolete Ruby/Amazon.

In addition to the original site, the international sites,,, and are also supported.

Although the library is still in development, the AWS v4 API is now almost fully supported, with only small gaps in the functionality of some operations.

The following operations are supported:

  • BrowseNodeLookup
  • CustomerContentLookup
  • CustomerContentSearch
  • Help
  • ItemLookup
  • ItemSearch
  • ListLookup
  • ListSearch
  • SellerListingLookup
  • SellerListingSearch
  • SellerLookup
  • SimilarityLookup
  • TagLookup
  • TransactionLookup
  • VehicleSearch
  • VehiclePartLookup
  • VehiclePartSearch
Remote shopping-carts are also supported. This adds the following operations:
  • CartCreate
  • CartAdd
  • CartModify
  • CartClear
  • CartGet
Additionally, multiple operations and batch requests are supported.

Ruby/AWS also offers advanced convenience features not available in the AWS API, such as the ability to retrieve all results pages for a particular search, rather than having to manually deal with multiple AWS responses of 10 results per page.

You can also retrieve product images and optionally overlay them with percentage discount icons.

Another advanced feature is the ability to cache the responses returned by AWS. If the cache is used (as it is by default), the results of each unique query will be cached and used for 24 hours. The cache can be manually flushed of all or just the expired entries.

One other useful advanced feature is the ability to determine the appropriate Amazon locale for a given client, based on its IP address or host name (so-called geolocation). This allows you to perform AWS operations using the correct geographical Amazon site for any given client. German and Austrian clients can be made to interact with, British and Irish clients with, etc.

If you want to programmatically interact with the Amazon Web sites using the Ruby language, Ruby/AWS may be what you're looking for.

Ruby/AWS can be obtained from:
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