Get more done faster

CodeWhisperer is trained on billions of lines of code and can generate code suggestions ranging from snippets to full functions in real time based on your comments and existing code. Bypass time-consuming coding tasks and accelerate building with unfamiliar APIs.

Code with confidence

CodeWhisperer can flag or filter code suggestions that resemble open-source training data. Get the associated open-source project’s repository URL and license so that you can more easily review them and add attribution.

Enhance code security

Scan your code to detect hard-to-find vulnerabilities, and get code suggestions to remediate them immediately. Align to best practices for tackling security vulnerabilities, such as those outlined by Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP), or those that don't meet crypto library best practices and other similar security best practices.

Use your favorite tools

CodeWhisperer fits the way that you work. Select from 15 programming languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript, and your favorite integrated development environments (IDEs), including VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, AWS Cloud9, AWS Lambda console, JupyterLab and Amazon SageMaker Studio.

A giant leap forward in developer productivity

57% faster

27% more likely to succeed

During the preview, Amazon ran a productivity challenge and participants who used Amazon CodeWhisperer were 27% more likely to complete tasks successfully and did so an average of 57% faster than those who did not use CodeWhisperer.

Start building with CodeWhisperer!