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Amazon Cognito User Pools - A directory for all your users

You can quickly create your own directory to sign up and sign in users, and to store user profiles using Amazon Cognito User Pools. User Pools provide a user interface you can customize to match your app. User Pools also enable easy integration with social identity providers such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, and enterprise identity providers such as Microsoft Active Directory through SAML.

Amazon Cognito Federated Identities - Access control for your resources

You can control access to your backend AWS resources and APIs through Amazon Cognito so users of your app get only the appropriate access. You can map users to different roles and permissions and get temporary AWS credentials for accessing AWS services such as Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS Lambda.

Online Videos

Overview of Amazon Cognito User Pools and Federated Identities
Write your First Client using Amazon Cognito User Pool APIs
Authentication and Authorization with Cognito for Serverless Architectures

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