CloudHealth Technologies is helping organizations manage cloud environments through a policy-driven approach and focus on cloud governance. CloudHealth provides support for AWS Config, a powerful building block to allow auditing, compliance management, and support an existing incident management process. For example, customers who identify an open port in a security group can easily isolate when the change was made, who made it, and what additional changes were made.

Together with AWS Config, CloudHealth stores AWS infrastructure configuration history so users can search changes by groups, find historical changes to resources, look at the history of an asset’s configuration, and find out what changed. If the CloudTrail integration is turned on in CloudHealth, configuration changes are also correlated to its original owner. Links to bring you directly to the underlying CloudTrail log items supporting the change are provided in the platform.

Enabling CloudHealth AWS Config support is as easy as turning on the service in the AWS Console to push the log files to an S3 bucket, and directing CloudHealth to collect from that bucket.

To test drive how you can track infrastructure changes with AWS Config and CloudHealth, sign up for a CloudHealth 14 day free trial.