Sumo Logic provides operational and security visibility with a unified view across the AWS infrastructure. With a comprehensive set of applications and integrations for AWS services and off the shelf applications, Sumo Logic delivers visibility through pre-built dashboards, searches, queries and reports. Teams can immediately visualize and monitor their workloads easily, identify issues and expedite root-cause analysis.

The Sumo Logic app for AWS Config delivers interactive visualizations to track configuration changes made to critical resources in your Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Using predefined interactive dashboards and filters, the app provides visibility into the AWS environment for analysis of overall usage.

With the Sumo Logic App for AWS Config, you can:

  • Monitor the modification of AWS resources
  • View Configuration Activity by AWS Region
  • Analyze configuration trends
  • View modifications and deletions over a 14-day period

"Sumo Logic’s ability to support Config, VPC Flow Logs and CloudTrail is critical for our security team to have full stack visibility. It allows us to capture critical operational and security intelligence, increasing our security posture over time, and do this in a seamless and consistent manner across our entire AWS infrastructure." Jarrod Sexton, Security Engineer, Interactive Intelligence

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Sumo Logic Dashboard
Resource Modification Details - Interactive