Amazon Connect Tasks

Easily automate, track, and manage tasks for contact center agents

Amazon Connect Tasks, a feature of Amazon Connect, makes it easy to prioritize, assign, and track all contact center agent tasks to completion, improving agent productivity and ensuring customer issues are quickly resolved. Today, agents track their tasks and customer follow-up items manually. Manual tracking is time consuming and error prone, especially when tasks spans multiple systems like customer relationship management (CRM) systems, e-commerce, and ticketing systems. Amazon Connect Tasks allows your agents to create and complete tasks, in the same user interface they take calls and chats. Managers can also use workflows to automate tasks that don’t require agent interaction. This results in improved agent productivity leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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Unified management of calls, chats, and tasks

Amazon Connect Tasks also allows managers to prioritize and assign tasks to agents based on availability and expertise. Tasks are managed through the same routing, configuration, analytics, and management tools you use today in Amazon Connect.

Easily create and complete tasks across applications

When an agent receives a task, the notification includes a description and link to the application they’ll need to complete the task, like updating a customer profile in Salesforce or opening a case ticket. There is no switching between applications to transfer, close, or create new tasks, everything is done within Amazon Connect.

Automate repetitive tasks

Managers can also automate tasks that don’t require agent interaction, like notifying a customer when their claim is processed and a refund has been issued.

Built-in third party connectors

Managers can easily create tasks from third party applications like Salesforce or Zendesk with built-in connectors. This makes it easy for agents to be assigned tasks from other applications, like updating a customer record or following up on a customer case in Salesforce.



Fujitsu is an innovative, global information technology and services provider that helps organizations across multiple industries thrive in the modern digital world by driving new value from cutting-edge digital technologies. 

“At Fujitsu, our IT services exist to keep our customers’ businesses running, and Amazon Connect empowers 5,300 of our contact center agents to better serve customers. Outside the 300,000 interactions our agents handle each month, they have to spend hours each day on additional tasks such as resolving open emails and tickets. This is a manual, time consuming process that often leaves important tasks incomplete, Amazon Connect Tasks will allow our managers to prioritize, assign, and track all tasks. Through connectors to external applications such as Salesforce, Amazon Lex chatbots, and Amazon Pinpoint, we can automate tasks like follow-ups to customers. With Amazon Connect Tasks we expect our agent productivity to improve 30% and expect to refine our customer experience even further with other Amazon Connect innovations.”

Alex Sanchez, Head of Global GDC Networks - Fujitsu


Q: How can I learn more about Amazon Connect?

To learn more about Amazon Connect, click here.

Q: How do I get started with Tasks?

To get started with Tasks, log in to your Amazon Connect instance and enable Tasks in your routing profile. This blog post provides instructions on how to set up Amazon Connect Tasks for your contact center. To learn more, see our help documentation.

Q: How are usage charges calculated?

For Amazon Connect Tasks, you are billed $0.04 per task. Tasks can be created by an API, by an agent (using Amazon Connect’s agent application), through pre-built connectors with external applications (e.g. Salesforce), or by Connect Flows. Agent initiated task transfers are also billed at $0.04 per task. Note: We may limit Connect Flow usage for tasks based on our acceptable use policy, service terms and documentation.

Regions Available: Europe (London), Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), US West (Oregon), US East (N. Virginia)

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