Containers Customer Stories

AWS offers the broadest range of containers technology in the cloud, and our customers across every industry benefit from the portability and efficiency that containers provide. From startups to enterprises, organizations are using AWS containers services to build, package, and run applications quickly and reliably in any environment, while also improving resource utilization and reducing cost. 

We’re proud to share some of the innovative solutions customers like you are building using containers on AWS.

Customer deep dives

  • Application modernization
  • Vanguard Increases Investor Value Using Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate


    The Vanguard Group is a financial advisory firm that serves as one of the world’s largest investment management companies. Since beginning its migration to AWS in 2015, Vanguard has seen significant benefits. For example, Vanguard’s use of AWS services removed the need for its IT department to manage servers. As a result, developers have more time to build innovative new microservices and enhance current applications, increasing Vanguard’s speed to market from 3 months to 24 hours. Vanguard opted to use Amazon ECS alongside AWS Fargate. And by taking advantage of a new purchase option for AWS Fargate, the financial services firm reduced its unit costs by 50 percent.

    Benefits of AWS

    • Increased speed to market of microservices from 3 months to 24 hours
    • Reduced unit costs by 50%
    • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on monthly Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate bills
    • Strengthened disaster recovery, scalability, and resiliency
    "AWS Fargate Spot has reduced our unit costs and reinforced our business case to migrate to AWS. We’re delivering more value for our dollars each month with this optimization. Returning value to our shareholders through increased efficiency is core to our company-wide mission."
    - Tim Treston, Senior Manager, Cloud Business Office, Vanguard
  • Move to managed services
  • Chatwork Uses Amazon EKS to Increase Operational Efficiency, Support Over 6.5 Billion Messages


    Chatwork has been using AWS to power its popular business chat tool "Chatwork" since March 2011, when the AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region first became available, and has been evolving its architecture ever since. The company moved to a container-based architecture in 2016 and was self-managing Kubernetes on Amazon EC2. However, Chatwork found that the administrative and operational load of performing Kubernetes version upgrades every 3 months was too much. This prompted the company to fully migrate to Amazon EKS over the course of 2 years from 2018 to 2020.


    Benefits of AWS

    • Failback time at release cut by 95%
    • Operating costs for release cut by 90%
    • Flexible operation that withstands surges in traffic
    • Spot Instances reduce Amazon EC2 costs by up to 80%
    • Developers freed from psychological pressures
    • Automated app delivery for cluster updates is under consideration
    "By adopting Amazon EKS as our platform for our business chat tool ‘Chatwork,' we offloaded the work of configuring and building Kubernetes clusters, which reduced the stress of our engineers and accelerated development."
    - Shigetoshi Kasuga, CTO and VP of Product, Chatwork Co., Ltd.
  • Cost management
  • MakeMyTrip Cuts Compute Costs by 22% with Amazon ECS, EKS


    MakeMyTrip is the largest online travel aggregator in India, and is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The company provides online travel services including tickets for flights, trains and buses, as well as domestic and international holiday packages and hotel reservations. The company utilized the microservices architecture powered by Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS to save costs on its infrastructure while ensuring the platform could expand when demand increased.

    Benefits of AWS

    • Reduced daily compute spend by 22 percent
    • Cut time managing data infrastructure by 50 percent
    • Improved new app spawning instances by 20 percent
    "We saw 22 percent cost reduction from migrating our workloads from the regular EC2-based model to Docker-based ECS and EKS. Plus, compared to EC2, we saw 20 percent improvement in spawning of new application instances on ECS and EKS, which allowed us to deploy and scale faster.”
    - Jaipal Deswal, Senior Vice President, Technology, MakeMyTrip India
  • Developer self-service
  • From 6 Weeks to 30 Minutes: AQR Builds Apps Quickly and Securely on Amazon ECS


    AQR Capital Management (AQR), a global alternative investment management firm, uses an in-house platform as a service (PaaS) to run microservices that implement its quantitatively driven investing strategies. AQR wanted to scale its workloads more flexibly and free up developers to build investment solutions. Turning to AWS, AQR built a PaaS on Amazon ECS, a fully managed container orchestration service.

    Benefits of AWS

    • Reduced application provisioning time from 6 weeks to 30 minutes
    • Gained the ability to iterate rapidly, making code changes in as few as 10 minutes
    • Deployed nearly 700 microservices quickly and securely, with another 180+ in production
    • Scaled investment application provisioning capability by 20x
    • Saved time by developing automatic security and compliance frameworks
    • Empowered teams across the organization to iterate microservices
    • Achieved elastic workload scaling
    • Reduced the burden of on-premises infrastructure management
    "On AWS we can deploy apps faster, make updates faster, and do more for our business. Our team members have access to virtually unlimited compute power to test and experiment faster as part of their research and discovery process. All those things that we didn’t have on premises are now in play using AWS."
    - Michael Raposa, Head of Infrastructure, AQR Capital Management

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Customer use cases


Pratilipi Improves User Experience and Gains Millions of Users with AWS

By migrating to AWS, Pratilipi has increased its pace of code development, with its nine-person engineering team conducting 4,500 code deployments in a year. The company uses Amazon ECS to orchestrate its microservices.

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the washington post
How The Washington Post Built the Arc Publishing Platform

Arc Publishing is a software-as-a-service platform that enables any media company to take advantage of the scalable, flexible publishing platform. The Washington Post built for its own newsroom. Arc is built as containerized microservices running on AWS.

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GoPro Reduces Compute Footprint by 70% Using Amazon ECS

GoPro runs its entire cloud-based IT infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS), serving hundreds of millions of API requests daily and storing multiple petabytes of data. Its architecture uses a loosely coupled microservices approach. 

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From Monolith, to Less Than 100 ms with Amazon ECS

ZocDoc rebuilt parts of their monolith with Amazon ECS to get response times to less than 100ms.

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A Secure FCA Regulated B2C Payment Platform on Amazon ECS

Travelex built a FCA compliant end-to-end online payment service through a microservices architecture on Amazon ECS.

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Regional Replication with Amazon ECS

Verizon Wireless leverages Amazon ECS to deliver a rich mobile messaging experience to millions of customers, across both east and west coast AWS regions.

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Machine learning

Aerobotics Tackles Tree Pests with Machine Learning

Aerobotics uses machine learning to analyze imagery from drone and satellite photography, allowing farmers to understand the condition of individual trees. The company runs an auto-scaling microservices architecture with Amazon EKS.

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Building Real Time AI with AWS Fargate

By using AWS Fargate, Veritone was able to handle sudden bursts of real-time workloads with a consistent launch time and reduce operational overhead.

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DataProphet Cuts Manufacturing Defects to Zero Using AWS

DataProphet optimizes production parameters using machine learning to prevent faulty goods from being produced. It decoupled its AWS environment, with Amazon ECS clusters running machine learning models.

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Segment Enables Customers to Create Custom Recommendations

Segment is a customer data infrastructure company that uses AWS to help its customers collect and unify data about their users and create personalized recommendations from that data. The company processes 450 billion events per month, using thousands of Amazon EC2 instances, and runs more than 16,000 Docker containers on Amazon ECS.

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mantle labs
Mantle Labs Improves Global Food Supply Chain Financing on AWS

By running its artificial intelligence models on AWS, Mantle Labs reduced the time required for complex data processing and cut compute costs by 40 percent. The company relies on Amazon ECR for storing containerized images and Amazon Fargate for serverless deployment.

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Application migration

classic group
Classic Group Builds Better Homes 60% Faster with AWS

Classic Group engaged AWS to migrate a mission critical on-premises application to the cloud and accelerated the process when frequent performance issues prevented the company from using its application or operating efficiently. It runs on Amazon ECS and Amazon Aurora to package its application, with little to no changes to the application itself.

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Momenta Migrates to Amazon EKS for Automatic Cluster Scalability and Upgrades

Momenta uses machine learning to create the “brain” for autonomous driving. Learn how Momenta migrated to Amazon EKS in two months and optimized workload performance while achieving significant cost savings for compute.

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Punchh Grows the Loyalty of More Than 70 Million Customers Using AWS

Punchh, Inc. is a leading digital marketing company. Punchh migrated its application to the AWS Cloud in a couple of weeks. It used Docker containers running on Amazon ECS to manage the microservices infrastructure for its application.

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Bridestory Uses Containers on AWS to Improve Agility

By decoupling its monolithic architecture to containers on the AWS Cloud, Bridestory reduced deployment time from three weeks to one day and achieved a failure rate of just one percent. 

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new relic
New Relic Shifts Business Mode, Manages Unprecedented Growth with Amazon EKS

In 2020, New Relic decided to migrate its entire platform to AWS. In a period of 8 months, New Relic leveraged its own tools and processes, as well as AWS capabilities and offerings, to migrate over 20,000 servers and refactor its services platform. The refactoring of the platform utilized Amazon EKS.

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Developer self-service

TIBCO Uses AWS to Cut Deployment Times, Reduce Server Footprint by 40%

Software developer TIBCO provides the Simplr service, which makes connecting SaaS applications easy for nontechnical users. TIBCO migrated its virtual machine-based microservices to Docker containers running on Amazon ECS.

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StashAway Expands Wealth Management Platform on AWS

StashAway offers a full range of financial products to clients from around the world. By building its app on AWS, StashAway has cut infrastructure costs for development by 90 percent while also ensuring compliance with various country-specific financial regulations. The StashAway app was built using containers and Kubernetes.

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department of human services
State of Maryland Transforms Social Services Using AWS

The Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) uses AWS to host a new social services delivery platform that drives cross-agency collaboration, improves service delivery to state residents, ensures data integrity, and reduces costs. DHS uses services including Amazon EC2 and Amazon ECS.

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