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Datacastle Corporation has a singular mission — to help organizations simply and cost-effectively protect data against damage, loss and theft. Datacastle offers five best of breed components in one integrated, policy-driven PC data protection solution — incorporating online backup, robust AES encryption, automated key management, unrivaled data reduction, proactive data deletion and device tracing. Listed in Gartner's Hype Cycle for Storage Technologies, 2008, Datacastle offers enterprises the most secure and comprehensive PC data protection solution available - preventing data security risks, gaps in compliance and erosion of brand value. Datacastle's software is available through leading service providers and software resellers worldwide.


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How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: Datacastle uses AWS as the cloud enviroment to host the SaaS version of their PC backup and data protection solution.
Created On: February 10, 2009 3:32 AM GMT
Last Updated: February 11, 2009 10:17 PM GMT
The Market opportunity for PC online backup and data protection services is exploding, with IDC forecasting growth from $107M in 2006 to $715M in 2011. Mitigating corporate risk from PC data security breaches is at the top of the CIO's agenda:

- Protecting personally identifiable information of customers, patients, employees to meet Data Protection requirements in spite of device loss/theft.
- Complying with Massachusetts and Nevada's newly passed mandates requiring companies to encrypt any electronic records containing the personal data of their citizens. (more states to follow)
- Supporting the increasing data retention requirements for documents by use type — sales, legal, financial, etc.
- Disaggregating corporate compliance from individual employee behavior -removing the need for regular intervention and not interfering with productivity.

Datacastle Enterprise Edition provides central policy-driven PC backup and data protection, ensuring your data is backed up to the minute; encrypted from the cache to the server; retained according to group policy; and locally deleted if in jeopardy — all without employee intervention.

Datacastle's approach to data protection provides advantages that no other solution can offer — storage economies across encrypted data; complete data privacy through automated key management; and the ability to wipe data from a lost or stolen machine with the peace of mind that it was backed during the last minute of use. And all of this is managed through centralized policies that you define based on your requirements,and exposed via Datacastle's Management Suite or through web API's for integration into your own reporting environment.

With the Datacastle solution optimized for the cloud, you can utilize the infrastructure Datacastle has developed within AWS to drive new revenues to your business in as little as 10 days - providing services that offer the data privacy that CIO's and CEO's want and need - to guard their intellectual property, protect their brand, secure their customers' data, and to stay compliant. Datacastle | Data Protection Evolved™
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