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Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online. It's available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.


Company: Dropbox
Inquiry e-mail address: arash@getdropbox.com
Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon S3
Solution URL: http://www.getdropbox.com
Audience: Developers
Pricing: Both Free and for-fee tiers available
Created On: December 30, 2008 7:13 PM GMT
Last Updated: February 11, 2009 10:59 PM GMT
Dropbox works just like any other folder on your computer, but with a few differences. Any files or folders inside Dropbox are synchronized to Dropbox's servers and any other computer linked to your account. It keeps track of every change made to any of its contents so you never have to worry about losing data.

Dropbox also offers shared folders which are the easiest way to collaborate on projects with colleagues and friends.


Best File Sync Solution ever tried
We tried three different Sync Methods( SyncToy: Microsoft Sync Framework Application, PowerFolders, Linux File Sync) before finally trying dropbox. By far Dropbox was the cheapest (yea we paid for it),secure, most reliable and the most features. We use windows and Macs so the multi OS support was a great feature. For $99 a year for 50 GB, I don't think you can beat that any where. They even have a pretty nifty iPhone app. I use Dropbox for Work and Home to backup Photos and such and its a great service. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TRY THIS PRODUCT, the trial is free, what do you have to loose, if you don't try it you will probably loose the opportunity to use the best file sync services out there.
J. Wesley on December 15, 2009 3:14 AM GMT
Dropbox is a wonderful aid
I enjoy using Dropbox. The reason it works better than the other S3 file sync services is because it runs behind the scenes quietly and presents the files you are sharing in a easy to use interface, i.e. a OS native directory. I don't have to open a custom UI to get or press a sync button. Good job guys!
Mark Hurley on January 31, 2009 2:45 PM GMT
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