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Focusing on the SMB / SME market place, Cirrhus9's C9 Cloud Computing Integration Services can transform your data center from a capital-intensive environment that's slow to change into one that rapidly scales to meet growing business demands.


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Created On: February 12, 2009 12:38 AM GMT
Last Updated: September 2, 2010 5:56 PM GMT
Cirrhus9's C9 Cloud Computing environment is there to help you become more competitive and responsive to market demands. Any migration into the Cloud must therefore be designed, built and integrated, from the ground up, from a business perspective, so that it can support the processes and workflows that make your organization more efficient and flexible.

C9 Cloud migrations can be delivered to fulfill virtually any requirement - from moving large-scale business applications to small operational databases and ongoing support for legacy systems.

Cirrhus9 has developed a common framework, centered on detailed analysis, to assess your readiness and ambition for change, focusing on your key business processes, your people and the technology that best fits your requirement:

Business process modeling and development - Cirrhus9 applies industry accepted tools to model and optimize your processes

Cloud enablement - Cirrhus9 can help you move steadily to a Cloud based Infrastructure Architecture (CIA), whereby new servers and applications are developed and integrated as modular business services.

Integrating multiple environments - We can help your business integrate new Cloud technologies with legacy systems, insuring a smooth transition and assuring future scalability.

Managed services — After your successful migration into the C9 Cloud Computing environment, our managed service consultants design solutions that work with your needs. We offer managed services on the CIA infrastructure itself or we can tailor a plan to manage both your physical and virtual infrastructure environments.


Pushing the open-source envelope....
Cirrhus9 set us up with an Ubuntu image running the open-source version of Alfresco. For added peace-of-mind they automated the daily backup of Alfresco data to Amazon S3 storage. Next they successfully implemented an open-source remote access solution to the Ubuntu GUI. While not our primary requirement they also set up MySQL on the same server for us to test. As our confidence in C9 grew, we asked for a mail server hosted in the cloud and once again they delivered a best-of-breed open-source solution! C9 require no further accolades for their technical expertise but where they really impressed us was with their commitment in resolving technical issues. There was a particularly thorny issue involving the Alfresco implementation, for which a solution did not present itself after the usual scouring of the support knowledge-base, forums, Google, etc. C9 impressed us with their perseverance and tenacity, eventually resolving the issue, all without the need for us to pay Alfresco for additional support. These are the kind of folks you need on your team!
Mihir Chandaria on February 24, 2009 11:39 PM GMT
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