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aiCache reduces time from click to content for mobile devices, dramatically increases the number of simultaneous requests your site can serve and simplifies the management of User-Agents.


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Created On: April 13, 2009 10:29 AM GMT
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Mobile acceleration (Video)

Supporting mobile devices presents unique challenges. The number of mobile devices, differing browser capabilities and lack of Javascript support must all be addressed.

To further complicate things, even the same physical devices can have different software revisions, requiring alternate content to display correctly. Today, there are over a thousand mobile devices combinations, each with slightly differing capabilities. aiCache mobile is a set of services that address content compatibility, uniform page naming, and simplified ad serving all without sacrificing its core acceleration.

aiCache Mobile identifies mobile devices before they contact the web servers and groups them into "families" by device type. aiCache then intelligently redirects the requests to the proper resources that maintain the mobile specific revisions of content. Now your main site is freed from dealing with mobile content, while your mobile site can focus on the small number of families provided by aiCache grouping.

This grouping (compression of device id's) reduces the number of different formats, that your web site has to support, from hundreds to only a few. aiCache can then accelerate the mobile content by keeping device-specific versions of cached content and intelligently issuing the right response to the right mobile device.

Since a large percentage of mobile devices do not support Javascript, logic for ad placement frequently has to be executed server side. The number of calls to advertiser APIs increases as Ads are inserted into the mobile pages at render time.

To streamline and reduce the overhead of such server-side API calls, aiCache offers Intelligent Response Pre-fetch. aiCache maintains a queue of ready-to-go responses for the URL that you configure for pre-fetch. When any of these responses are required to render a page, they can be instantly retrieved from aiCache pre-fetch queues, as opposed to being requested at runtime via slow remote API.

aiCache uses special logic to make sure the queues are always maintained at optimal sizes, never overflowing or under-providing. The statistics on the pre-fetch queue utilization are available real-time, via Web, CLI and SNMP interfaces.

The end result of these features is that your mobile site is easily accessible and navigable by the users, served at high speed from the uniformly named web address space and ads are properly delivered without slowing down the performance of your site.


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Case Study

CNBC scales using aiCache.

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