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Company: Francis Shanahan
Inquiry e-mail address: francisshanahan@yahoo.com
Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon E-Commerce Service
Solution URL: http://www.Francisshanahan.com/zuggest.aspx
Audience: Consumers
Pricing: Free of charge
Created On: June 27, 2006 5:46 PM GMT
Last Updated: June 27, 2006 5:47 PM GMT


The technology involved is Javascript, Web Services, SOAP, XMLHttp, XML, C# and ASP.NET.

The Javascript runs in the browser and fires once you're done typing. It looks for something to search on. If it finds something, it shoots a request using XMLHttp to my webserver.

The webserver constructs a SOAP request and sends it to the Amazon Web Services server (AWS ECS 4.0).

Amazon sends back a SOAP response to my server, this response is then parsed into HTML. I think this is where Zuggest differs from Google Maps. I think Maps is sending back XML to the browser and that gets XSLT'd into HTML on the browser. I do that part on the web server and stream HTML to the browser.

Lastly, I cache all the results on my side and check the cache before I query anything. I also cache the results on the browser side, so if you've searched for something you can just mouseover the history to bring it straight back, instantly.

All in the blink of an eye.


marinagam on April 7, 2007 5:04 PM GMT
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