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Cloud2db allows for an immediate adaption of cloud database technologies into the enterprise technology stack. This is truly a plug-and-play into the cloud database technologies.


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How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: Cloud2db provides a standards-based abstraction layer over Amazon SimpleDB
Created On: June 2, 2010 2:27 PM GMT
Last Updated: June 23, 2010 3:28 PM GMT

What is it?

Cloud2db is a universal database for cloud computing. Cloud2db brings relational database functionality to cloud computing platforms by bridging the gap between cloud database technologies and relational database technologies. Our product works seamlessly with most of the popular cloud database technologies like Google Bigtable, Amazon SimpleDB & Hadoop HBase and it also supports the relational database standards ANSI SQL-92/ANSI SQL-99 and JDBC 3.0.

What Sets Us Apart?

While there are many cloud databases emerging geared towards better performance and scalability, these lack the built-in support for the standards, structure and interoperability that is required to effectively and quickly implement enterprise class applications. This is where Cloud2db excels. Cloud2db provides a standards-based abstraction layer over these cloud technologies to provide you with performance and scalability of cloud database platforms along with structure, standards and interoperability of relational database platforms.

Check It Out

Please visit our website and try out the free trial version of our product. Please visit google group Cloud2db to share your feedback and thoughts.
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