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[b]Generate revenue from each and every customer interaction.[/b]Helm has developed the world's first suite of customer-initiated marketing products designed specifically for the cloud. Business users can quicky create and deploy very targeted messages into any customer- or agent-facing application.


Company: Helm Interaction Management, LLC.
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Created On: August 1, 2010 8:25 PM GMT
Last Updated: August 1, 2010 8:25 PM GMT
[b]Inbound Marketing in the Cloud[/b] Leverage your current customer interactions to drive additional sales through cross-sell and up-sell programs. Industry analysts might refer to it as interaction management, real-time marketing, service-to-sales, or interactive marketing. [b]Service interactions are often untapped sources of revenue[/b], simply waiting for value to be released by an effective cross-sell or up-sell program. When is the best time to cross-sell or up-sell? It is after you address the customer's problem or inquiry. [b]Gone are the days of presenting one-size-fits-all offers[/b] to everyone visiting your web site or calling into the service center on a given day. Customers expect offers tailored to them and to the context of the interaction. Market Helm includes everything you need for an enterprise class interaction management program: • Business user interface • Offer repository • Business rules engine • Objective and arbitration definition • Strategy management • Contact history database • Self-learning predictive analytics • Reporting
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