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mDialogue is a next generation Internet Video Sharing Service. Featuring HDV/DVD quality video, super fast encoding/uploading and private sharing with the social community you choose. Create iPod and Apple TV compatible Video Podcasts. With mDialogue, You Are The Network!


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Created On: March 29, 2007 8:30 PM GMT
Last Updated: March 29, 2007 8:31 PM GMT
mDialogue has launched the next generation online video sharing service. offers the best in online video sharing: HDV/DVD video and sound quality, private/public sharing, Instant Messaging, fast encoding and uploading, simple, intuitive navigation and iTunes, iPod and AppleTV compatibility. "mDialogue offers the best online video quality in the easiest to use package. Imagine being able to plug your camcorder or webcam into your computer, click a few buttons and privately share your vacation or wedding videos with the people you want — or create an iTunes video podcast for the world to see. People will finally be able to 'liberate' the video content they have been creating over the years — now they have a digital place to store, organize and share with ease," said mDialogue founder and President Greg Philpott. mDialogue's exclusive desktop application mLoader� makes getting large video files uploaded to the internet simple and exceptionally fast — and runs on both Mac and PC platforms.
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