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Online shopping with currency converter.
Last Modified: Dec 19, 2007 22:45 PM GMT
AcuInvoice is a web application that makes it fast and easy to send estimates and invoices online and receive credit card payments through Amazon FPS and other payment services.
Last Modified: Dec 17, 2007 20:47 PM GMT
Anywhere.FM is a web music player that allows you to upload your music, play it anywhere, and discover new music through friends.
Last Modified: Dec 4, 2007 2:23 AM GMT
Data Bucket Pro is a desktop client designed for small businesses to fully utilize the Amazon S3 web service.
Last Modified: Nov 27, 2007 1:39 AM GMT
.netCHARGE is a payment processing component for ASP.NET. In commercial use since 2001, .netCHARGE has been updated with support for Amazon FPS.
Last Modified: Nov 14, 2007 0:49 AM GMT
Shopping Solution for Facebook Environment
Last Modified: Nov 12, 2007 21:37 PM GMT
Online mall built using Amazon E-Commerce Service representing a wide selection of products from books and movies to electronics and apparel.
Last Modified: Nov 9, 2007 23:17 PM GMT
KnowledgeTreeLive is a powerful software-as-a-service document management system based on the popular open source KnowledgeTree application.
Last Modified: Nov 2, 2007 23:34 PM GMT
EnThinnai provides a simple way to store and share digital information with your friends and family.
Last Modified: Nov 2, 2007 23:26 PM GMT
ActionThis is a simple, web-based team management solution that helps teams and small businesses get things done on time. It improves team productivity and control of day to day operations by providing a centralized system for managing projects, work assignments and other key business information, and works in conjunction with your everyday business tools.
Last Modified: Nov 2, 2007 23:15 PM GMT
Coupa On-Demand is a Web 2.0 e-procurement solution that delivers big business purchasing automation and spending controls to small and midsize organizations.
Last Modified: Oct 5, 2007 0:20 AM GMT
AWS Developer Chris Crompton has built the Content Spooling Network (CSN) using Amazon Mechanical Turk. CSN has modularized the entire ghostwriting process into discrete tasks and leverages Mechanical Turk workers to complete them. Using this methodology, CSN is able to provide this service to hundreds of webmasters each week allowing them to drive more traffic to their sites and further monetize their web properties.
Last Modified: Oct 3, 2007 4:17 AM GMT
The first user-friendly computer with primary storage in Amazon S3!
Last Modified: Oct 1, 2007 22:03 PM GMT
Animoto is a web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos, each a customized orchestration of user-selected images and music. Using patent-pending Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology and high-end motion design, the result is a user's own personal creation with the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a movie trailer.
Last Modified: Aug 29, 2007 4:46 AM GMT
Photo and video sharing for families
Last Modified: Aug 29, 2007 4:45 AM GMT
InfiniteBits provides web-based access to your Amazon S3 account. Upload, download, move, rename, zip, and more.
Last Modified: Aug 27, 2007 22:57 PM GMT
InfiniteFTP provides FTP access to Amazon S3 with no software to install. Simply sign up using your Amazon S3 ID and begin transferring files using your favorite FTP client.
Last Modified: Aug 27, 2007 22:48 PM GMT
We've been creating scalable solutions for customers for years and have been fully involved with AWS customers and the community for over a year.
Last Modified: Aug 17, 2007 0:52 AM GMT
ElasticDrive is a distributed network storage application based upon the Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). ElasticDrive provides a permanent and infinitely large network hard drive which pushes storage blocks to and from Amazon's S3 service as if they were being written to a local block device *(hard drive or tape). ElasticDrive is intended to provide seamless backup, RAID target devices, or backing file stores for higher level distributed filesystems.
Last Modified: Aug 10, 2007 20:31 PM GMT
File123 helps you GO PAPERLESS! File123 is the first secure online storage vault that allows businesses and households to store, search and retrieve paper and digital files. Users can fax, scan, email or upload paper and digital documents. People can use File123 for data backup, disaster preparedness or collaboration. All customers receive 1 gigabyte of storage space for free and upgrade plans start at $4.95/month for 10 GB of storage.
Last Modified: Aug 7, 2007 0:09 AM GMT
In today's digital world, cameras are everywhere. Every event you attend (whether public or private) likely has a number (perhaps even thousands) of photographers. The Event Photo Exchange Depot provides an easy mechanism for all of those photographers and all other attendees and participants to find, view, share, and upload images from this common event experience. Each photo-depot remains online for a limited time to allow all interested parties to access and download whatever photos they wish keep.
Last Modified: Aug 3, 2007 21:13 PM GMT
A totally free service to consumers, enabling them to select the ideal gifts for clients, friends and family.
Last Modified: Jun 25, 2007 23:18 PM GMT
Automatically backup your files to local disks, FTP, SFTP, network shares or an Amazon S3 account. Can also backup Microsoft SQL Server databases. Includes notice of errors by emails, full or modified file backup modes, scheduled tasks, built-in help, encryption, compression. Free for non-commercial use.
Last Modified: Jun 25, 2007 22:51 PM GMT
Apatar takes custom coding and effort to study APIs out of integration projects for Amazon developers and business users. Imagine you could visually (drag and drop) design a workflow to exchange files and information between Amazon S3 and your desktop, network, any WebDAV-enabled location, databases (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle), applications (, SugarCRM) and the top Web 2.0 destinations (Flickr). Now you have all the tools necessary to migrate, synchronize, and replicate files and data between Amazon S3 and your on-premise and on-demand systems and applications; all without having to write a single line of code. Imagine this capability fits cleanly and quickly into your product/service. You've just imagined what Apatar can do for you. With 100% of the source code released under an open source license (commercial license is also available), Apatar is a great tool for Amazon developers and business users.
Last Modified: Jun 9, 2007 19:22 PM GMT
BeInSync provides millions of consumers and businesses with a simple, all-in-one solution for accessing, sharing and protecting their digital data. Using secure private network technology, BeInSync allows users to automatically sync documents, photos, videos, and music across their computers, share any size files with colleagues, friends or family, access their files form anywhere, and backup their valuable files and memories to online. BeInSync newly added online backup service is automatic, simple and secure, and is built using Amazon S3. The company is offering 1GB of free storage and 5GB or more to BeInSync Pro users.
Last Modified: Jun 5, 2007 4:05 AM GMT
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