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Turn your pictures into games and share them with your friends! Pictogame enables anyone to make his own game and send it by e-mail or embed it into his blog.
Last Modified: Jun 1, 2007 19:53 PM GMT
Bookweave provides a whole new way to explore books which are related to each other -- through the references! It's a social network for books.
Last Modified: May 30, 2007 20:19 PM GMT
Easy way to share and discover slideshows (PowerPoint, OpenOffice)
Last Modified: May 2, 2007 23:31 PM GMT
LAMbCast CDS is a patent pending payment based secure digital container system designed to deliver files and burnable formats to consumers.
Last Modified: May 2, 2007 23:25 PM GMT
S3 buckets and items are available as tables and rows in a MySQL database.
Last Modified: May 2, 2007 23:17 PM GMT
Search the largest database of frequently asked questions.
Last Modified: May 2, 2007 23:14 PM GMT
Stumble upon a book rather than directly searching for one.
Last Modified: May 2, 2007 18:28 PM GMT
World's Free web meeting.
Last Modified: May 2, 2007 18:17 PM GMT
For Managed IT Service Providers: Turnkey off-site backup and archiving at a flat monthly fee
Last Modified: Apr 30, 2007 20:40 PM GMT
The mission of Curbside.MD is to provide evidence-based answers to real medical questions.
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2007 0:51 AM GMT
16bugs makes bug tracking easy.
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2007 0:46 AM GMT
Pagety is somewhere between a CMS and a hosting platform. Actually, it's both a CMS and a hosting platform, because there's no need to separate the two.
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2007 0:44 AM GMT
Unilife is a social networking website for Italian universities
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2007 0:41 AM GMT
Blingee™ is a platform for creatively enhancing digital pictures with customizable animation
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2007 0:07 AM GMT
Second Brain is a service where you can organize all your files and favorite web2.0 services in a personal internet library.
Last Modified: Apr 27, 2007 0:02 AM GMT
We believe project management should be accessible to everyone, so we created an app quick to implement, easy-to-use, and instantly connects everyone on your team - using shared work spaces (provided by Amazon S3), instant messaging, and an intuitive and elegant interface.
Last Modified: Apr 11, 2007 23:59 PM GMT
The OpenWFEru open source Ruby workflow and bpm engine may be used with Amazon SQS to deliver / fetch back work items.
Last Modified: Apr 6, 2007 23:29 PM GMT
Simple "clone" of using the Alexa Web Services (Top Sites, Web Information Service, Site Thumbnails).
Last Modified: Mar 30, 2007 23:33 PM GMT
mDialogue is a next generation Internet Video Sharing Service. Featuring HDV/DVD quality video, super fast encoding/uploading and private sharing with the social community you choose. Create iPod and Apple TV compatible Video Podcasts. With mDialogue, You Are The Network!
Last Modified: Mar 29, 2007 20:31 PM GMT
BookTrakker with GrabIt enables booksellers to accurately match pre-ISBN books or books with no ISBN's against the existing Amazon database to harvest the correct ISBN or BASIN for each record, which then allows you to upload to Amazon.
Last Modified: Mar 23, 2007 22:57 PM GMT
The site uses AWS for several purposes to give users a familiar online shopping experience. In particular, the Amazon E-Commerce Service is used to generate and refresh the product catalog, as well as, allow users to maintain a shopping cart.
Last Modified: Mar 6, 2007 23:31 PM GMT
This site lets users browse and search for books that are available from used booksellers for a penny.
Last Modified: Mar 6, 2007 23:25 PM GMT
Amazon ASIN locator and look-up tool. Simply enter a keyword description and receive images and listings of potential products.
Last Modified: Mar 6, 2007 23:18 PM GMT
Web based Open Source Virtual Machine Manager for Xen and Amazon EC2.
Last Modified: Mar 6, 2007 21:10 PM GMT
Store sessions for Internet Explorer browser (IE6/IE7) at Amazon S3 Service or locally.
Last Modified: Mar 5, 2007 18:05 PM GMT
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