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EC2 users can run their entire web stack in the cloud and make full use of its elastic capabilities - with Dynamic Services on Gear6 Cloud Cache DS. This new services also eliminates a major issue with Memcached — its inability to maintain cache data while changing cache capacity, resulting in unnecessary site degradation or downtime. Dynamic Services enables servers to grow and shrink automatically with the needs of the site — without losing any cache data.


Company: Gear6, Inc
Inquiry e-mail address:
Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Beta)
Solution URL:
Audience: Developers
Pricing: Both Free and for-fee tiers available
How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: EC2 for on demand Memcached with Dynamic Services
Created On: March 5, 2010 1:20 AM GMT
Last Updated: May 6, 2010 7:35 PM GMT
Dynamic Services - Elastic Memcached pool sizing allows administrators to add and subtract Memcached resources without losing cache data. This is a unique Gear6 Memcached enhancement and is available first on EC2.

Cache depth amplification - Transparent block-based cloud storage access enables a two-tiered caching mechanism, meaning more utility per EC2 instance - a unique feature of Gear6 Cloud Cache Server.

More efficient Cache - Optimized memory management delivers more high speed cached data per cloud image: up to 50% increase in DRAM efficiency per cloud image with no performance degradation.

Easy to manage and monitor - A clear web GUI and REST interface allows integration for cloud deployments. Access historical and real time cache infomation to debug and optimize.

Free and priced multi-sized images - 32-bit images are free (not including cloud charges); priced 64-bit images support cache sizes larger than 4GB.

Commercial Support - Priced offerings include 24X7 email and phone support, including installation and trouble-shooting assistance.

100% Memcapable - No application modifications required. The Gear6 Cloud Cache Server is 100% compatible with Memcached.
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