SessionCam is built on AWS aws_customer_app_summary SessionCam lets you see exactly what your customers are doing on your web site.

SessionCam will record customer activity including mouse movements, mouse clicks, page scrolling, interaction with links, data input on forms, dynamic validation and movement between web pages.

Recorded sessions can be replayed to identify usability errors and improve on-line conversion levels.


Company: ServiceTick Ltd
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Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon EC2
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Audience: businesses
Pricing: for a fee
How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: SessionCam is built on AWS
Created On: November 21, 2010 11:04 PM GMT
Last Updated: November 21, 2010 11:04 PM GMT
SessionCam provides a market leading solution for recording and analysing the interaction and activity generated by a customer using a web site. SessionCam records all of the data exchanged between a web site and a visitor. This information is stored securely and can be replayed to show exactly what a visitor did during their web session. To complement the session playback capability, a number of reports are provided via a web-based interface to allow recorded sessions to be listed, organised by collections of pages or online processes, searched and analysed in significant detail.

Reports are used to highlight any issues with online process conversion by showing drop-off within a process or collection of pages and within a page by reporting field-level analytics.

Reports can also be generated to allow further understanding of the behavioural activity of site users. For example, customers that enter data in one or more input fields across one or more web pages could be identified for further investigation if that activity was considered to be outside of the normal, expected behaviour.

The SessionCam Optimisation module allows business rules to be defined to analyse the collected data and trigger further processes enabling an organisation to really optimise online sales activity for maximum value by creating a response across multiple channels. For example, customers that fail to complete a quotation process can be automatically identified, prioritised and their data seamlessly passed back into an outbound dial process within a cell centre.

Lastly, SessionCam includes a Session Monitor module which uses an understanding of expected customer volumes to compare against current traffic levels. Thresholds of minimum and maximum activity can be configured to create a unique and effective tool for monitoring end-to-end performance and availability of a web site and its online processes. Email and SMS alerts are generated when actual activity tips any of the pre-defined thresholds limits.

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