A program package FIDESYS is dedicated for solving static and dynamic strength problems of stress and strain state of solids under finite strains with the use of finite elements method (FEM), spectral elements method (SEM) and the discontinuous Galerkin method (DG).


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Created On: July 27, 2010 10:27 AM GMT
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A complex has been developed so that on the one hand the system requirements are not high: it could be executed on an ordinary PC, and while having a powerful video card with CUDA support in PC computations are performed on it (what speeds up calculations in more than 40-60 times), and on the other hand it could be adopted for supercomputer usage. A package is highly demanded in areas where large deformations and their redistribution must be taken into account in a nonlinear strength and destruction mechanics, mechanics of phase transitions. 1. as an application for traditional rubber-like materials and polymers (rubber and tire industry) 2. Biomaterials (use of biomaterials in medicine) 3. During designing of materials with varying properties under loading (development of new constructional materials) 4. physics of soft materials 5. Nano-size crystalline templates (nano-particles, thin films and defectless domains nearby growing nano-size defects) 6. Problems of defects' origination and growth (monitoring problems) 7. During strength analysis of the porous solids containing defects (where an estimation of the effective material properties is necessary, including pores with inner pressure) under finite strains 8. During solving research problems (universities, research laboratories) 9. Additional possibilities — • Acoustic problems by means of Discontinuous Galerkin method (DG) (problems of acoustic logging) • Connected problems of a viscous fluid's propagation in a developing crack under finite strains (hydrocrack)
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