is a service that connects live buyers and live sellers natively through mobile phones and web Sellers list items through their mobile phone simply by adding text and images/movies to an MMS text-message and sending it to Sellers can also use email or web Buyers can find products from their phone or from any PC, and setup SMS alerts to be notified when items become available. Products listed on Gumiyo are also published on many other sites such as Google Base, Froogle, Oodle and many more.


Company: Gumiyo Inc
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Audience: Consumers
Pricing: Both Free and for-fee tiers available
Created On: January 9, 2007 3:43 PM GMT
Last Updated: January 9, 2007 3:44 PM GMT
Gumiyo is a mobile online marketplace that capitalizes on the ubiquity of mobile phones to instantly connect live buyers and live sellers. Using any mobile phone, sellers can capture images or video of an item, attach the image(s) to a simple MMS text message, and send them to Gumiyo where the item will be listed. Furthermore, Gumiyo will place these listings throughout other leading Web sites including Google, Yahoo! and eBay.

Buyers can search and browse items from a mobile phone or through a Web browser, get alerts to their phones or email when unlisted or unfound items do become available, and contact sellers directly through a mobile-to mobile connection, SMS text messages, email, or the Gumiyo Web site. Gumiyo requires no installation, is compatible with most mobile devices, is offered free for non-commercial users, and is a true mobile commerce solution providing an easy way to list or find anything‹anytime, anywhere.

Coupled with email and our simple Web interface, Gumiyo is the first service of its kind to seamlessly and natively integrate any and all of the ways people connect online or off. In fact, users can experience Gumiyo entirely from a mobile device or employ any combination of text-messaging, email, live phone calls, or the Gumiyo Web site according to preference.

While our general users might only publish their items within Gumiyo and extend their listings to basic Google or Yahoo! searches, our commercial users can, for an additional fee, market and extend postings through Gumiyo¹s integration with Google AdWords, Yahoo Marketing, Amazon listings, Oodle, Edgio, and‹all with one click! The Gumiyo service facilitates the creation of the targeted ads, marketing campaigns, and keywords optimization from a single location enabling sellers to truly broadcast a well-placed listing throughout the Internet and mobile online space.
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