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WeGoAll creates rich interactive websites and database management tools for fraternities, sororities, and social organizations that will professionally present the organization online, help to facilitate communication with potential new members and current members/alumni, and improve alumni donations.


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A professional and constantly updated website helps fraternities and sororities to improve recruitment numbers and increase alumni donations, enabling these organizations to grow. WeGoAll allows organizations to control what information is displayed to outside sources so that all information can comply with national standards, while still allowing members and alumni the freedom to communicate about anything internally on their website. Photo galleries, member profiles, news, events, forums, fund-raisers, payment campaigns, and much more can all be configured as public or private.

WeGoAll makes it easy for alumni to stay in touch. Features like automated newsletters, mass emails, mass text-messages, member directories with search features, job listings, file sharing, forums, private messaging, personal photo galleries, profiles, and blogs help create an online alumni community. These revitalized and active alumni can show their appreciation by donating to their chapter using the Amazon Flexible Payment service. Chapters can create fund-raisers to benefit their chapter, a sponsored philanthropy, a party, or any other cause. Chapters can also sell items like chapter t-shirts or tickets to an upcoming event. Transactions can be tracked, printed, and shipped using the integrated transaction management features on the chapter website and on the Amazon Payments websites.

Your organization will get more positive attention, be easier to manage, collect more donations, and communicate more effectively using WeGoAll.
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