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Unified TestPro is an Enterprise proven, Keyword Driven Test Automation Tool with excellent support for Manual Testing.


Company: SDT (http://www.sdtcorp.com)
Inquiry e-mail address: sdt@sdtcorp.com
Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon S3
Solution URL: http://www.sdttest.com/utp/
Audience: Developers
Pricing: For a fee
How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: Unified TestPro is hosted using EC2 and S3.
Created On: June 15, 2009 2:56 PM GMT
Last Updated: December 12, 2009 7:54 AM GMT
General Features
  • Access Anytime from Anywhere.
  • Role based testing.
  • Keyword Driven Testing.
  • Management of TestCases through Partitions.
  • Powerful TestCase Editor.
  • Powerful execution reports/data reports.
  • Access using Browser.
  • Test Coverage Analysis from Requirements.
Key Features in Automated Testing
  • Automatic keyword implementation (scriptless)
  • No additional cost for AddIns
    • C++/VB Applications
    • Java/Applets
    • Eclipse
    • .NET
    • Web
    • ActiveX
  • Data Driven Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Extensible architecture to implement API based testing (like embedded, telecom systems).
Key Features in Manual Testing Support
  • Importing of Excel based Testcases of any format.
  • Organizing test results by product builds and runs.
  • Web Based Collaboration allows effective utilization of Distributed teams
  • Roles-based approach to Testing (Test Designer, Test Automation engineer, Test Executor) allows for optimal utilization of Testing resources
  • Very high Reusability because of reuse of keywords
  • Create automated tests without a costly investment in scripting (coding automated tests).
  • Automatically implement Keyword driven tests.
  • Produce more thorough automated tests with fewer technical testers.
  • Reduce regression, functional, and system testing costs.
  • Provide re-usable, highly maintainable tests.
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