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Want to build 95% smaller and fully configured CentOS or RedHat software environments automatically? Output AMI or VMDK formats at the press of a button? Sign up for the FastScale Stack Manager beta program. It's perfect for Amazon EC2 and VMware administrators, application developers and appliance builders.


Company: FastScale Technology
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Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon S3
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Audience: Developers
Pricing: Both Free and for-fee tiers available
How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: This application allows developers and administrators to manage and build JeOS software stacks targeted for EC2
Created On: March 11, 2009 11:41 PM GMT
Last Updated: April 7, 2009 7:24 PM GMT

FastScale® Stack Manager™ Workstation Edition provides a complete infrastructure for system administrators, developers and software appliance builders to easily create, configure and manage lightweight CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 or 5 based server software stacks in EC2. A robust Software Component Repository enables management of the software stacks and all components throughout their lifecycle.

Patent-pending Application Blueprinting™ automatically generates optimized environments with 'just enough operating system' (JeOS) for software stacks that are up to 95% smaller, with up to 75% reduced memory requirements, increased security, and dramatically reduced storage requirements. For users who want to apply traditional image creation techniques, Application Blueprinting can also be used as an insurance policy against deploying software environments with missing file dependencies by comparing the target software stack to an Application Blueprint — missing files can be added with a simple mouse click.

Key features of FastScale Stack Manager Workstation Edition include:

  • Intelligent Stack Editor™ — A graphical dashboard enables easy configuration and customization of optimized server software stacks. Files, directories and packages are easily added or deleted. Dynamic size calculations are visible as stacks are built and customized.
  • Application Blueprint™ — The FastScale Application Blueprint automatically identifies the precise operating system components an application requires, without manual effort.
  • Software Component Repository — All operating systems, applications, patches, configuration files, scripts and other software assets are stored in a data base for central management.
  • Robust Configuration Settings — Easily apply policy-based configuration settings to stack recipes to customize network information, security policies, environment variables, writing to files, and more.
  • Flexible Output Formats — Software stacks can be output in AMI or VMDK formats, on-demand, for deployment in Amazon EC2 or downloaded to run in-house on VMware Infrastructure.

To participate in the FastScale Stack Manager Workstation Edition beta, sign up at

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