Phurnace Deliver

Phurnace enables organizations to quickly deploy J2EE applications into physical, virtual or cloud computing environments. It replaces the hand-crafted scripting currently utilized to configure app servers.


Company: Phurnace Software, Inc.
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Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon S3
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Audience: Developers
Pricing: For a fee
How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: Phurnace Deliver acts as an on-ramp to deploy J2EE applications into the cloud
Created On: April 8, 2009 8:44 PM GMT
Last Updated: April 9, 2009 10:18 PM GMT
Phurnace Deliver™, the company's flagship product, provides comprehensive support for IT operations staff and developers during complex enterprise Java deployments to decrease errors, streamline deployments and avoid the downtime and outages that come with manual or script-based processes. The current user approach of paging through the console or building cumbersome scripts can be reduced or eliminated with Phurnace, therefore freeing up limited IT resources for more value-added tasks. Phurnace Deliver enables the automated deployment of applications into web application servers and Portal containers (IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, RedHat Jboss and IBM WebSphere Portal). These deployments can be into virtual images running in the Amazon Web Services cloud.
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