ImageNet ( allows imaging centers, hospitals, physician groups and patients the ability to store and share DICOM medical images in a HIPAA compliant secure way anytime, anywhere.


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How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: We use Amazon S3 to securely store medical image data.
Created On: April 21, 2011 4:52 PM GMT
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Currently, medical image sharing is difficult because of proprietary, silo'd radiology vendor solutions. These closed systems makes it extremely difficult for patients to access their medical images and restricts imaging centers or hospitals. ImageNet removes these barriers by allowing providers to share medical images in the cloud without limitation, anytime, anywhere.

ImageNet is a web application that provides a single access point for all medical images and/or reports and any other medical records or patient data. ImageNet allows anytime, anywhere access for imaging center or hospital teams and patients - including mobile.

Additionally, ImageNet provides a secure secondary back up of medical images in a HIPAA compliant way that provides healthcare providers another cost effective compliance alternative to traditional storage requirements, in many cases are cost prohibitive to smaller imaging centers and rural hospitals.

Beyond the operational and workflow benefits ImageNet provides a financial incentive to providers. Currently imaging centers and hospitals experience a very high costs to distribute medical images via CD/DVD or plain film. These traditional formats of image distribution are clumsy, costly and inefficient. ImageNet reduces operational expenses as it relates to distributing images while also reducing IT infrastructure costs.

ImageNet is based in Las Vegas, NV and was created by experienced healthcare technology executives to change the way medical images are shared and stored and one of the only companies focused on post sign off medical image sharing and storage using Amazon (That we are aware of).

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