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GroupSwim is an on-demand software solution for companies to create intelligent online communities. Our mission is to help companies accelerate results by harnessing community-created content and transform it into actionable knowledge for collaboration.


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Created On: February 15, 2008 8:04 PM GMT
Last Updated: February 14, 2009 1:43 AM GMT
GroupSwim provides on-demand community solutions for businesses. We power discussion-based communities of all sizes to identify problems, find solutions, answer questions, and share ideas. We capture the best, most trusted community information and transform it into actionable knowledge. GroupSwim fills a gap in the marketplace by providing intelligent communities for businesses at a low price point that is uncommonly easy to use and set-up. Our customers are delighted and get immediate value from of our solution.

The problem we address is that customers and employees have vast amounts of information that they traditionally share through email, forums, documents and other "dumb" technology. Some enterprises try to develop communities to leverage this wealth of knowledge but rely on software that is cumbersome and noisy, turning off customers and employees accustomed to using today's Web 2.0 and ecommerce applications. Users have high expectations but get overwhelmed with useless and extraneous information.

GroupSwim provides a unique combination of a Web 2.0 UI with an enterprise feature set including multi-tenancy, advanced community configuration, website integration tools and enterprise class security functionality. Our innovative Community Intelligence Engine works in the background to automatically organize unstructured discussions into topics, to identify trusted contributors, and to highlight the best content. Our approach delivers a superior user experience with a minimal investment in time or money for our customers to get started.
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