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MessageSling provides carrier-independent voice messaging service that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to access and respond to messages using voice, email and SMS. With no download required, MessageSling provides voicemail to text, custom greetings and contact list management on the phone and online.


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Created On: October 16, 2008 6:09 PM GMT
Last Updated: February 11, 2009 11:22 PM GMT
Yesterday's Voicemail is Not Conducive for Today's Mobile Consumer
In the 35 years since the first cell phone call, mobile devices and services have radically evolved, but voicemail has not. Traditional voicemail services don't let people customize their experience, a problem for today's consumers who want control.

>> MessageSling Works Anywhere
* Check messages with email, phone, and online
* MessageSling is the industry's first hands-free messaging service where you can receive and send voice and dictated text messages using simple voice commands. The service makes it simple to check messages via email, by cell phone, or online.
* MessageSling's voice-activated service allows you to keep your hands on the wheel while staying on top of your messages. With more and more states enacting cell phone laws which prohibit driving while talking on handheld cell phones, MessageSling provides a safe alternative with hands-free voice messaging.

>> MessageSling Organizes Everything
* Store and search unlimited messages, contacts and greetings
* MessageSling provides unlimited storage and lets you organize contacts, greetings and messages into groups, making it easier to search and store information outside of your mobile device.
* MessageSling makes it easy to import contacts from existing email accounts so that no familiar caller goes unrecognized.
* Personalize your voice messaging experience as well as the experience of those contacting you with labels and custom greetings for both individual contacts and groups. For example, you can record a casual greeting for your friends, professional greetings for those work calls and even record greetings in another language for your bilingual callers.

>> MessageSling Saves Time
* Read your message transcriptions and share them
* MessageSling saves time by making it easier than ever before to receive and respond to messages.Whether you are in a meeting or at a noisy event, your messages are just a few clicks away and are delivered in the format that you choose — audio mp3 files or transcriptions.
* MessageSling empowers you with convenience, flexibility and control over when, where, and how you initiate, check, respond, and share your voice communications.

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