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GoGrabLunch.com is a business networking tool that connects professionals that have never met for face to face, one on one lunches at local restaurants.


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Created On: March 24, 2011 1:03 AM GMT
Last Updated: March 24, 2011 1:03 AM GMT

GoGrabLunch.com connects you one-on-one for lunch with professionals you do not currently know, based on parameters predetermined by you. Once you have entered your profile and networking preferences, we provide you a list of matching members who have open lunch times at a specific restaurant. You choose the member and attend their lunch. Or, you enter your own lunch schedule, pick the restaurant, and wait for another matching member to choose your lunch.

The GoGrabLunch.com Guidelines:

  1. This IS NOT a dating site - This site is designed to help professionals network with other professionals for business purposes. If you choose to set your preferences to allow lunches with members of the opposite sex, please conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  2. Ditch the pitch - Keep the selling to a minimum. Remember this is a networking opportunity. Make the most of your time and be respectful of your guest’s time. You are both here to make a valuable contact. This is not the time for your 30 minute sales pitch.
  3. Rate your restaurant – Rating your lunch helps others see what venues offer the best environment for a quality network lunch. Be honest but be fair. Your ratings help us provide you with the best Preferred Restaurant Partners, discounts and incentives. All ratings are anonymous.
  4. Leave honest feedback about your lunch - This is the most important thing you do as a user of GoGrabLunch.com to help ensure everyone has a quality networking lunch. After every completed lunch you will get a chance to give us feedback about the overall quality of that lunch. Feedback affects each user’s NetQuotient™ (see FAQs). The better your NetQuotient™, the more lunches you are likely to have, and the more connections you are likely to make.

Following these basic guidelines will help insure everyone who uses GoGrabLunch.com has a quality experience and makes a valuable new business connection.

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