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PayGo Saas is a cutting edge point-of-sale service that allows you to run your booming retail business from anywhere in the world on possibly the world's most powerful computing environment.


Company: Christian James, Inc.
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Created On: May 27, 2008 9:21 PM GMT
Last Updated: February 14, 2009 1:20 AM GMT
PayGo Saas tracks a retailer's business, whether it is one store or many more. It handles sales, inventory, customers, gift cards, purchases, and much more. It works with point-of-sale hardware such as receipt printers, bar code printers, scanners and cash drawers.

Best yet, it runs on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, which provides back-end power that independent retailers will love. Our database back-end is handled by Elastra.


No problems yet
I have been using the software for near a year now and I haven't run into any problems yet. So far it's been very reliable. Inventory is easy to input and organize and the invoice screen makes it quick and easy to process sales and returns. I haven't had to contact customer care or sales so I can't comment on them but so far I'm pleased with the software and plan to continue to use it.
ericprtts954 on January 26, 2010 6:27 PM GMT
Best POS
I use the paygo program and I think it is one of the best point of sale programs on the market today. I can easily ring up sales and run figures that report my sales figures for any time frame. I also like that I have the ability to keep track of my customers, what they have previously purchased from my store. There are alot of neat features on paygo that would help out any business. I highly recommend it.
thilliby on January 26, 2010 6:15 PM GMT
Great product
I think this is a Great product. It's sleek, easy to use and it helps save time and money
apruitte on January 26, 2010 5:57 PM GMT
Point of view on POS
I am a PayGo Saas customer since 2008. We own a wholesale women's wear company with a small flagship retail brick and mortar in New York City. I had been researching POS systems for a solid year and always wanted to go with PayGo but it was a bit cost prohibitive (most companies were). When the Saas option arrived I was very excited because here was an opportunity to achieve all of the benefits of a great POS system without having to lay out 5k to get started. The PayGo folks had stayed in touch with me for an entire year plus, always keeping me posted on improvements and discounts etc. Saas was the perfect solution for us. The "cloud" theory, where all of our work info is stored on a secure server somewhere far away and we can access it in any number of ways has been super. For example, our storefront runs a register during our day. I can be home (or away) with my laptop and "look in" to the system and see what is going on as far as sales without having to call and ask that dreaded question "Any business?". I am also able to make adjustments to inventory, create invoices, Purchase orders,run reports, etc on the fly. I don't have to be at the office to work. I am traveling around the world for our wholesale biz and am able to do so much from a hotel room via the internet. I read the previous reviewers comments here and am sympathetic to the first guy and in agreement with the second. We got in to using the PayGo Saas set up very early as soon as Saas was available. The learning curve was almost zero. The folks at PayGo were developing things and attacking any glitches that came up with the new system. I see in the first reviewers reporting that he had lots of problems with the system and wasn't happy with the folks at PayGo. My experience couldn't be more different. One of the things that I have found to be so assuring was how personal the PayGo people took all of my quarries. If I had an issue I'd get a response very quickly from them and there was no problem too small to bring up. Being an Apple/Mac user I really appreciated the feel and experience of PayGo. That ease of use and feel were very important to us. The PayGo folks keep improving on the Saas application and many of our suggestions have been put in to the newer versions. The price is absolutely right for us and we are in the process of adding a web store using Paygo as well as additional retail shops with no fears of how our inventory will track. Just can't say enough about the overall experience using the Saas application via PayGo. Thumbs up. Rich Paul Elliot Mann LLC NYC, NY
Richard J Paul on May 20, 2009 3:27 AM GMT
PayGoSaas/4.1 POS
Interesting. I downloaded a "demo" of this and found it perfectly servicable - although I'm "married" to the same company's FileMaker-based POS on in-house servers. This is more a function of how quickly I can implement customizations (I "know" FileMaker / I don't "know" SQL) - but this looks like a good, long-term play. By leveraging the Amazon "back-end," a lot of development time and cost has been shed, and web-based applications (shopping carts, etc) are a whole lot quicker to deploy. My experience with Christian James, Inc (the developer of both versions) is in direct contrast to the reviewer above, and I'll tell anyone who'll listen that our workflow has been much more streamlined and efficient since we implemented PayGo. We run in three States, and process an enormous volume of sales through PayGo without a hitch. Dave Moore Moore Brothers Wine Company
David Moore on April 30, 2009 9:42 PM GMT
A very bad Retail Point of Sale Experience - do not choose Christian Jame's Paygo Saas!
The only positive is that this system can run on a Mac (because it is java/web-based), There are numerous negatives I want readers to really think about: 1) Expensive - you can purchase systems which do exactly the same thing, plus a lot more (exporting capability for your data), with no commitment/long-term contract, lower monthly fees, and as a major bonus, no upfront signing costs. Here's the name of just one: MerchantOS. 2) buggy GUI - Call me stupid, but I expect a point of sale system to at least run retail transactions - with Paygo Saas I have had all sorts of problems with credit card processing, issues with correct tax being added to sales, issues with discounts being calculated correctly, issues with ridiculous time lag throughout the transaction process (imagine for everything you scan or input a 2-5 second delay for that event to complete - now realize that a single transaction process is an algorithm composed of at minimum 10 processes (add more when you scan more than 1 item into the system). The next effect of all these problems is that I've struggled ringing people out quickly and accurately throughout the time I've used Christian James Paygo Saas. 3) reports won't export into anything other than PDF - One of the key reasons I use a POS System rather than a cash register is that I wanted reporting capability - financial and sales information. I was told when I was considering Paygo that "oh yes, you can export all your data no problem" - indeed then I was told about how Paygo SP could export data into excel or csv format. Then.... I was told that I should really go with Paygo Saas as opposed to Paygo SP because it's their product of the future and they are moving all their customers to it. What wasn't stated was how Paygo Saas does not export information to any format other than PDF (and that is because I can print to PDF with my machine)! When just 30 days after store opening I asked why the "export" function was grayed out I was told that in future "soon to be released" releases, that functionality would indeed be activated. I was upset and then was told, but no matter, if you need a report or reports all you need to do is send a request to customer service. Well when I asked customer service to do this, I was told that they cannot do this and it would take months to figure out how to! Needless to say 4) Christian James doesn't treat customers well - both technical support and customer support was awful and minimally responsive. I could only report technical issues via the online forum (no live support was available via phone - when I did call I ended up having to leave a phone mail message and waiting for callback). Typically I waited about 4-8 business hours for an initial response (online or phone), and then at least for 19 out of 21 tech support requests I had, I was contacted with an emailed question rather than an actual live person). I understand that tech support people sometimes need clarification of things, however, I feel from experience, this was done to postpone support not to help facilitate it. Even when I responded back immediately answering the question, I had to wait another 4-8 business hours for yet another follow-up! Yes, this happened even when I labeled support requests as urgent, and yes this happened even when I specifically requested a phone call back. Lastly, yes when this happened I found it abided by the support terms of the Christian James contract. Playing this game, Christian James was able to postpone supporting me Monday-Thursday for up to 48 hours! If my issue happened on a Friday or Saturday, forget about it... I was on my own for at least 3-5 days. 5) flawed forced software updates - I'm a tech savvy guy, heck I've even been in tech support and managed global teams of support personnel for years. Once I figure out how to use a bit of software, with quirks and or known bugs, I can make it work the best it can - heck I can support it too. That is what I did with Paygo Saas for about one year. This is not as simple as it sounds though because Christian James/Paygo made updates on their end for Paygo Saas on an irregular basis (seemed to be about once a month). Unfortunately, I never had one of these server updates happen without something which used to go right, start to go horribly wrong. It's like the developers at Christian James had no concept of testing on a "test server" before uploading a software change live. Numerous times (at least 4) I ended up having to contact Paygo support about problems which arose after an update - all of them were solved more than a day later by a tech guy calling me, taking control of my system from his end, and changing a few menu settings which they immediately knew to change. This is pathetic and inexcusable; I can deal with this happening perhaps once, but 4 times - and each time the 5 minute tech support resolution required at least a day or two of wait time to happen?! Summary: I used this product for one year - because I was a new retailer and simply didn't the time nor money 12 months from opening to change companies. I reached out to Christian James and PayGo customer and technical support so many times trying to resolve the issues I have had that I feel like I have great customer insight into their organization. At least for the time I used their software it was poorly run, much smaller than they led one to believe, their technical support organization is woefully understaffed, and once the contract is signed I rarely if ever interfaced with actual company decision-makers. I recommend not even downloading the software demo, it's a waste of your time. Sure you might get a call from the company cofounder Chris or tech support lead Joe (as I did) and they'll tell you how the system is "cool" and how it resides on Amazon dot com servers (as I was told repeatedly)... but the truth is the system is poorly designed and even more poorly supported. You'll get locked into a contract which will be expensive upfront, and which your business will be stuck with for quite a while. There is much better software out there by much better companies. Go with what other people recommend vs what is best advertised online. I really don't wish my experience with Paygo or Christian James upon anyone else and I hope you heed my warning. The truth is if Christian James ever tried to make things right with me I wouldn't even post this, but they've just dodged helping me nor refunding any of the fees I've paid to them. My data for about a years worth of transactions is stuck in their system and in PDFs I've printed to. I just don't feel good about this. I hope to spare you the same or similar experience.
April D Hyland on April 30, 2009 2:55 PM GMT
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