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Item Content Manager (ICM) is a complete middleware solution that seamlessly integrates a seller's backend infrastructure with the Amazon platform. As a proven Amazon integration solution in the US and UK, ICM provides an extensive range of functionality such as automating processes, scheduling of tasks and a comprehensive product and order management feature set.


Company: DeCare Systems Ireland Ltd.
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Created On: December 20, 2006 2:28 AM GMT
Last Updated: April 20, 2009 7:40 AM GMT
Item Content Manager (ICM) for Amazon offers Amazon Merchants integration services using this proven multi-market Amazon Integration platform. ICM automates the eCommerce process, providing a streamlined and efficient business operation for merchants integrating with Amazon.  It supports a variety of inventory strategies including drop shipping, and will work with your existing business model to build on the key competitive advantages that set your company apart.

ICM is the simple way to integrate your backend systems with Amazon’s Merchant Platform.   Among the many features that are available are:
  • ICM enables you to manage your catalogue with complete simplicity. No matter how large your inventory, ICM caters for multiple product variations, pricing, image previewing and inventory data.
  • Order management (inventory, order splitting, drop shipping, order fulfilment and returns management).
  • Support for multiple file formats.
  • Provides both simple and advanced search facilities, allowing customers to browse using various product attributes.
  • ICM polls for updates and status changes on a fully configurable schedule.

This is a both a scalable and extensible solution, suitable for large-scale retailers who wish to integrate quickly and efficiently with the Amazon platform on either the Merchants@Amazon or Amazon Enterprise Solution platforms.
Furthermore, ICM lets you manage and control your data via a Web interface through any standard browser. 
ICM allows you to…
  • Customize your online marketing:  Generate product links to boost sales appeal, for example between a product and an accessory; and group items to create the ultimate online retail experience.
  • Be safe:  ICM has a robust data transfer framework, providing you with a secure, automated and comprehensive system to work with.
  • Benefit from unbeatable management tools:  ICM’s robust internalisation and organization systems make inventory management a simple task. ICM enables you to effortlessly track your orders and gather reports on transactions and other inventory data.

Using ICM there are no commission based charges. 

DeCare Systems Ireland Ltd are Amazon Certified System Integrators and are the only solution providers certified for Amazon Europe.

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