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BookTrakker with GrabIt enables booksellers to accurately match pre-ISBN books or books with no ISBN's against the existing Amazon database to harvest the correct ISBN or BASIN for each record, which then allows you to upload to Amazon.


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Created On: March 23, 2007 6:31 PM GMT
Last Updated: March 23, 2007 10:57 PM GMT

Users import their data into BookTrakker, which also can upload listings direct to This solution is oriented towards booksellers with books that never had an ISBN.

After importing their records into BookTrakker users can then open up GrabIt, which is a plugin that ships with BookTrakker, and after doing some easy setup, they can start matching older stock against Amazon's BASIN database so they can list these books in Marketplace.

The advantage of GrabIt over using Amazon's bulk matching method is twofold:

1. Accuracy. GrabIt is close to 100% accurate.
2. Control. YOU are in control of the matching, YOU decide which ISBN or BASIN to use for your records. 

It is a well known fact that many older titles command much higher prices than the usual run of the mill ISBN books, and because Amazon has such a large fixed price customer base, being able to offer older stock to them imparts a large advantage to the out-of-print bookseller.


New seller survives by Grabit!
I purchased an online bookshop just two months before Amazon closed out zshops and wanted us to migrate all of our old books to Marketplace. Our shop's previous owner was already using Booktrakker and I believe the Grabit! feature saved my sanity during the stress of learning a new business at the same time Amazon made this major shift. We had thousands of preISBN books that we could migrate with just a few clicks of the keyboard for each book. And Grabit! continues to be useful every day as we enter new (old) books into inventory. I am technologically challenged so I know that anyone can use Booktrakker and Grabit! successfully if I can. If I have a problem--NO PROBLEM--the support is prompt, accessible, and knowledgable. Booktrakker with Grabit! is one of the best investments that an online bookseller can make!
Footnotes Bookshop on March 28, 2007 7:06 PM GMT
*** Booktrakker ***
I have used Booktrakker for years and could not be more pleased with both the program and the support. Andy Gutterman virtually walked me through the initial transfer of my database from my previous book inventory program which made the startup easy and uncomplicated. Personal support is available almost 24-7 (even when you lose your hard drive in the middle of the night!!) And the program itself is easy to use and offers numerous features not found on other bookselling software. I've been able to modify database entry and output so that it meets the requirements of my bookstore without any problems. And the Grabit feature has allowed me to list books on Amazon that are pre-ISBN and I have had great success with the Amazon sales of these books. A wonderful program and highly recommended for anyone who is serious about selling books on Amazon!!!
"mccormickbooks" on March 28, 2007 11:33 AM GMT
Great Program with Extraordinary Support
I've used Booktrakker Pro for over 5 years. I can't imagine selling books without it. It provides a valuable service to booksellers who want to keep track of their inventory, and much, much more. It has more features than I use, and more are added each year. The most valuable aspect of the program is the extraordinary support for program users, both from the program creator and the very active users forum. Why can't all programs have support like this?
J. Cooper on March 28, 2007 3:30 AM GMT
Grabit and Amazon, a winning trio!
I used to sell books TO Amazon (way back when) and then THROUGH Amazon's Z-shops program. But after a while, that became a not-so-profitable venture so I quit selling through Amazon. I've been a BookTrakker user almost since its inception so when the developers introduced the Grabit feature, I jumped back on board with Amazon and have not regretted a single day of it. I can now match all my pre-ISBN books to Amazon's BASINs in the quickest and easiest way possible. Using BookTrakker, I create a list of books without ISBNs and export those records into Grabit. I then "grab" the Amazon records that match, select the closest match and then send those records "back" to BookTrakker with Amazon's BASIN now attached to my record. Which means my pre-ISBN books are now visible to Amazon's huge customer base. Grabit has single-handedly made my sales at Amazon far out-pace all the other selling venues. A big thank-you to the BookTrakker team and to Amazon for providing this wonderful opportunity to increase my sales. You've heard of win-win, haven't you? Well, with Grabit and Amazon, it's now win-win-win -- because I win, too!
novlshop on March 27, 2007 9:32 PM GMT
Invaluable Tool
I've been selling books online for 4 years and been using BookTrakker for only 8 months. Besides furnishing much more control of my inventory, it has also been invaluable in migrating my non-ISBN books from Z-Shop to Marketplace. Using Grabit and other features, I've been able to increase my Marketplace listings by 150%. And of course, sales have sky-rocketed proportionately. If I had to go back to selling books online without BookTrakker, with its Basin-matching features, I think I would just get of the book business all together. It's that good! And the suburb, free support service is unmatched by any product I've ever found online
peterpanbooks on March 27, 2007 2:18 PM GMT
Best service and database around
I've been using Booktrakker for over 4.5 years and can't believe the way it's helped me and my book business, improve my ease of listing and increase my sales. The options available to users are virtually endless. The number of fields for describing the item are so many and so significant, which really comes in handy for listing volumes, editions, issues, and various other permutations in titles/subtitles. I especially love the keyword feature, which I use like mad. Mapping is quite easy, and I can have my categories/topics matched in different ways to different sites. The very best part is the support service. Unbelievable. I'm absolutely the worst tech person around, and yet Booktrakker support is always there to help me out [which, by the way, just helped me sort out something I'd been wanting to fix on my own site, and this is Sunday evening!]. I'm not kidding, have literally been lead by the hand, step-by-step, to get something done and figured out. I would not hesitate to highly recommend this superior product to any and all. Additionally, they are always tweaking the product, coming up with more and better ways to help book listing; a product that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the seller and the marker. Thanks, Andy!
pegasus_books--horse_books_online on March 25, 2007 10:58 PM GMT
Best in Show
Booktrakker, the developer-Andy Gutterman, and the users (called trakkers) are the "Best in Show" to use an old County Fair award term. I have run the program for over 5 years and have had little problem. In fact it has features that I have not mastered as the ones I do use have served me well. The "trakkers" are very helpful as a community and share great information that helps my business. The grabit feature is fabulous. It makes entering data easy and insures a good match with Amazon's listings. I recommend the program to every book dealer who wants to serve the online used and antiquarian book buying public in a professional manner. It is best to stay current with the versions as the features just keep getting better.
"mikebook" on March 24, 2007 2:42 AM GMT
BookTrakker with GrabIt
I have used BookTrakker since July of 2000. This program enables booksellers to keep track of their inventory and to upload their entire inventory or additions/deletions to many bookselling sites at the same time with one click of a button. The program is easy to use and has outstanding FREE technical assistance available, with questions being answered and/or advice given, usually within minutes. on March 24, 2007 2:02 AM GMT
Best solution for the serious online bookseller
I've been using Booktrakker for a couple of years now. I am very happy with the program: * The one-click upload to dozens of bookselling sites makes Booktrakker a "must" for multi-venue selling. * The program is very stable, more reliable than most PC programs. * Very powerful database... many users only use a fraction of the functionality of Booktrakker. * Booktrakker Customer Service scores an A+. Most questions are answered within minutes, and never more than a 24-hour turnaround for queries.
Wayne W. Gralian on March 23, 2007 11:14 PM GMT
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