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ChannelMAX offers complete selling solution to Amazon and other marketpalces. Solution comes with inventory management, re-pricing (aka competitive repricer) and post sale management with integrated shipping solution. ChannelMAX is geared for small, medium and large sellers. We also offer custom solution.


Company: ChannelMAX.Net Inc.
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Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon E-Commerce Service
Solution URL: http://www.ChannelMAX.Net
Audience: Amazon Marketplace Sellers
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Created On: June 21, 2007 9:43 PM GMT
Last Updated: May 19, 2009 9:10 AM GMT
ChannelMAX offers complete selling solution to Amazon, Amazon FBA and other marketplaces. Solution comes with inventory management, re-pricing (aka competitive repricer) and post sale management. ChannelMAX is geared for small, medium and large sellers. ChannelMAX offers custom solution for sellers' specific needs. We offer automatic inventory adjustment, such as if sells in Ebay, take out from Amazon. We offer comprehensive shipping solution called ChannelMAX Client integrated with Endicia, UPS, DHL and FedEx (coming in Jun 2009).


The BEST Re-pricer on the market.
I have used other repricing tools, this one is by far the best. There are so many options compared to others that I have used. This one gives you total control over pricing, up, down, matching, etc. I have been able to set it up to increase net margin and still own the buy box. It took some time to learn and get lined out for my application, but by far the most powerful tool on the market. I have considered other options for my Amazon requirements: Monsoon, Channel Advisor, etc. I have been able to piece the tools together from multiple sources to create my own total e-commerce package. is one of the keys to the puzzle for the complete e-commerce package. Very affordable for the power that it gives my business.
gsget on August 26, 2010 3:57 AM GMT
ChannelMAX with their brilliantly designed repricing utility, and multiple channel should be the obvious choice for any seller. They not only offer repricing but tons of other services that any seller would have dreamed of. Their customer support is extremely helpful whether for setting up an account, running an account or for any of your technical issues. We have not seen any service that is better and more helpful than ChannelMAX that words are truly not enough to describe it.On top of everything they have a very reasonable pricing for their services. Once You have found ChannelMAX we would say look no further, contact Paul to set you up an account and get going. Once again Thank You ChannelMAX
Aytac Camdeviren on July 6, 2010 2:38 AM GMT
Cmax and Paul Simply the Best
If you are fed up with competitors constantly undercutting you by a few pence then this is the tool for you. Mind boggling amount of repricing options which can come in very handy if you only want to match certain competitors eg You can avoid new sellers with under x feedback. Safeguards are in place so you do not price too low or to high which you set up from the start! If you do decide to take a trial of the software you simply need to read the help files fully before using. If you do run into problems when setting up the software you will be pleased to discover that the support you get is second to none. We are based in the UK so obviously we were concerned about trusting a USA company due to time differences. 24/7 Support is not offered however the response time for service - which is FREE is always within a few hour. Support is offered via Email , Webform Contact or SKYPE. Luckily the software platform is so robust the need to contact support usually never arises - if used correctly! We have had to contact support a number of times over the past couple of years and over 90% of the time the issue has been down to us not following the instructions correctly! -(The other 10% of the time is down to Amazon updating software on their systems without advsing anyone!!!) HOWEVER the response from Paul is ALWAYS understanding and clear concise instructions are given to resolve any issue or he will fix the issue himself and then demonstrate how we can avoid the problem again with step by step instructions. I only wish Paul would set up a true Mutli Channel E-Commerce solution as quite frankly his repricing tool is the best on the market and his competitors should take note of what he is capable of achieving.
cstisc on June 25, 2010 11:44 PM GMT
The Bottom line is channelmax is an invaluable tool/software. Its a no brainer. Be a little patient in the beginning, it takes time to dial all the functions in, but well worth the efforts long term. I am not sure why amazon makes it difficult for programmers to include shipping in the equation, but channelmax does get the job done.
hobbytoolsupply on June 18, 2010 8:35 PM GMT
Simply the Best Repricer out there
If you want to be on top of your game that's your best bet. We have been using ChannelMax for quite a while and are very pleased with it The repricing is second to none with such flexibility that no one offers or even comes close. And with Paul We had a super experience he understands what is needed and perfectly implements everything.
N. friedman on June 7, 2010 5:46 PM GMT
We Switched from Monsoon to Channelmax, Very Pleased With ChannelMAX
The Previous REview should have been 5 stars, here it is corrected, and wiht the 5 stars .....We have recently "hired" ChannelMAX. We have been using CMax all day, every day for a few months, on our more than 30,000 product sku's. All our sku's are "NON-BMVD", i.e. strictly consumer goods, where shipping price is a big factor, and which we re-price continuously, including shipping. .....Our items are selling on Amazon,, and eBay. We had been using Monsoon for about 9 months, and used it on all these products, continuously, 24/7. Monsoon can "list" new items, CMAX cannot, it can only re-price already listed items. .....Although the Monsoon re-pricing engine works, it is very "touchy" continually constantly trying to" re-list" your items, in the way it re-prices. Our sku's were being de-listed or not updating prices, due to the re-list function, and our business fell, and fell, and we emailed and emailed, usually being told why it was everybody's fault but Monsoon's. (There were number of issues with Monsoon, we tried to adjust, to do work abounds, and bend our business model to fit Monsoon). .....In the end, we just had so many problems, with Monsoon software, the condescending attitude of emails they sent, and especially, the fall off in orders. So we started, looking (again), for another company. .....ChannelMAX seemed the best alternative. So, during the last few months, we ran both software programs simultaneously, ChannelMAX vs. Monsoon, in real time testing. We became believers in Channel Max, based on the results (in spite of their Channel response problems). I suspect they are growing, and need more staff, but they acknowledge the response problems, and seem to be making some improvement. They have spent much time with us in the past months helping get out items loaded, pricing strategy set-up, and showing us how to use features. .....So we went ahead and "fired" Monsoon. They could have cared less, and we Channel be happier. Channel software has serious flexibility, and lots of options, and that makes it quite complex, (i.e. takes a while to learn). Now that we have finally learned it, and have it fully tweaked, Channel has never sold a Channel at a loss, the Re-Priced items have been spot on, (it really works), and our business is growing again, (nearly back to pre-Monsoon levels).
imerostar on April 27, 2010 7:29 PM GMT
Absolutely the best!
We are featured merchants on Amazon and needed the support of a 3rd party integration company. Right from the beginning, Channel Max was extremely professional and very friendly. They explained in detail how their software worked and were always available for questions and/or concerns. We started using their re-pricing system and were amazed how well it worked. Sales increased immediately due to the rapid response time their system employed. We then partnered with Channel Max to manage all of our drop ship orders from various distributors. Again, their system was flawless and made our lives so much easier. Most importantly though, our sales tripled because of these new changes. We researched several companies and none were as courteous, efficient or competitively priced as Channel Max. Paul and his team have been terrific and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who may be looking for this type of service. No question, they are the best out there.
iricci7672 on April 26, 2010 6:38 PM GMT
With increasing competition, we were tired of repricing our listing manually. Found Channelmax and everything is done automatically. Really simple to use once you get a HANG of it. Seems complicated in starting but 2 days later, piece of cake.
SKY2110 on April 26, 2010 1:52 PM GMT
Great software
the order management software is top notch!
activefreedom on March 11, 2010 5:08 PM GMT
Great Customer Service & Tech Service
Channelmax provides excellent service for such a low price and saves time. We did search for long time to find service like this. Thank God We found Channelmax. IF we can give 10 Stars, we would have given them but it doesn't allow us to give more than 5 Stars. Great Job Channelmax, Keep up the good work
svmproducts on March 10, 2010 6:42 PM GMT
Excellent software & customer service
Since starting to use ChannelMax our sales have doubled. The software is easy to customise for the needs of our business and the customer service is excellent.
power2009 on February 17, 2010 12:46 PM GMT
Does the hob
Peter Pan on February 17, 2010 11:49 AM GMT
Reliable and Personal
After spending thousands of dollars on similar channel integration companies, I took someone's advice and tried ChannelMax. From the start, it was much better suited to our needs. Over the last year, the team at ChannelMax has accommodated all of our increased needs and challenges. I feel that we don't just pay a bill for service to Channelmax, but with Paul and his team - we have a business partner, someone who will take the time to help us through all the hurdles of ecommerce. Very happy customer!
hppenterprises on December 3, 2009 6:42 PM GMT
Personalize Customer Service ~ Great Seller Tools
Channelmax is indeed a great company to work with. Not only they have very in touch personal service, they listened to your need and make changes to their software platform, and the developers never stop to make things easier - for you, seller! We have been using Channelmax for our Amazon and storefront, and it works fantanstic! Paul is also a good listener and will put it in action! He helped us to change a certain features to suit our need. The charges is very reasonable, consider the benefits you get from Channelmax is by far one of the most powerful tools in Amazon.
L. Tan on November 14, 2009 5:05 AM GMT
We have been using ChannelMAX for over a year and have found them to be a great value - Anytime there is a issue we have contacted Paul and he ALWAYS get right back to us and works with us on any issue or question we have had. If everyone else we dealt with could only be so good to us I would have far fewer headaches. I must honestly say, out of all the other companies we deal with, Paul has, BY FAR, outperformed all the other in the customer service speed and quality. We also feel their tools offered are the very best value we seen in a while. Have no fear - ChannelMAX is here! We recommend anyone give them a try because we think they are great.
caraudiodealscom on July 27, 2009 5:54 PM GMT
Horrid site & Service
I signed up to the service. Help files were missing, forum wouldn't load. There was no way to learn how to get started let alone learn the benefits of the site. When i emailed them cancelling because the help files were not available and the forum was down i was just blown off like i did not matter. Big fat thumbs down. Find yourself another company who actually wants your business and is willing to help.
Bargain Hunter USA on July 23, 2009 8:10 AM GMT
Best service ever
I'm now working with channelmax for years from my company in germany using his perfect repricing for germany, uk and france. It'a a critical business, amazon often changes servers and protocolls but this company is working 24 hours a day for beiing up-to-date. A have never ever enjoyed such a perfect, personal and fast customer service. The employees keep on track even if amazon caused problems, the plattform is continously developed on and the pricing for this really high level of service is very fair. If you want really personal service for all your international needs on repricing on amazon marketplaces: Try this company. In my opinion there's no better one. All other companies I know: No service, no ideas, no development. is really amazon sellers paradise.
etailer3 on June 18, 2009 8:36 PM GMT
Excellent Service
ChannleMax service has greatly reduced the time needed spent watching price fluctuations by our competitors. As with all new projects there were some glitches but ChannelMax quickly resolved such issues. ChannelMax is committed to providing excellent customer service and great pricing!! Thank you, WOM
ilwom on June 12, 2009 3:18 PM GMT
Channelmax does the job
Have been using channelmax repricing for over 3 month now and I am very satisfied with the result. The set up is simple and quick. The powerful repricing feature will definitely give you an edge over other sellers. Paul goes all the way to help his customer and solves issues quickly and efficiently. Channelmax is so far the best tool I've used for amazon sellers.
szhkb on June 1, 2009 10:14 PM GMT
Great program to use.
We have been using this program for 2 months and it works out pretty good. The program is very powerful and gives seller a lot of option to manage their selling channel such as eBay, Store... The company is also very helpful and replied all the emails and questions that we asked. Overall, this program can save you a lot of time in terms of managing your sales.
etech2009 on May 24, 2009 8:05 PM GMT
One Of The Best
The best part about ChannelMax is Paul is always there to help whenever you needed. The software may be confusing sometimes since it didnt have much training materials or documentations on how to use some features. But Whenever I need help on setting up something Paul is always there to walk me through it.
topdeals888 on May 22, 2009 1:30 AM GMT
Channelmax is an excellent platform. Customizable repricing (Multiple Repricing Rules, exceptions, categories...). The reports provided are detailed and Truly helpful. The shipping solution is superior to any other batch shipping software available, we were able to set customized parameters based on our preferences and needs. The interface is user friendly. The Channelmax platform is tailored to ecommerce online sellers. Customer Service is very good and always responsive, in a timely fashion. I've seen similar solutions charge or limit customer service, this has never been the case with channelmax. I highly recommend Channelmax.
Miriam on May 20, 2009 12:43 AM GMT
ChannelMax is great
We have been using this program for a long time now and I must I am very happy with the performance. It does the job very well I could never ask for anything better. The repricing tool works like a charm, it actually doubled my sales over 100%. The customer service is great, whenever I have any problem they are eager to assist me. They will call me from time to time just to make sure that everything is working fine!!! I could not ask for anything better.
mordyf2018 on May 19, 2009 2:41 PM GMT
The Best Solution for Inventory Management and Repricing!!!
We have been selling online for about 7 years now and having tried a many programs and services to manage inventory and repricing, ChannelMax has turned out to be the best solution out there. Since using ChannelMax exclusively, we have seen an extensive growth in sales. The repricing feature is amazing. Giving the seller many options, and allows us to create multiple rules for item repricing. It has allowed us to concentrate our time for growing our business further and keeping the competition at bay. Aside from the numerous features about the ChannelMax software, the greatest one by far is its customer service. Paul has been there for us each and every step of the way. Patiently working with us and available day and night to answer questions and concerns. He has spent hours customizing the service to suit our specific needs. For the quality of service, at a very reasonable price, our experience has shown that there is no other solution out there to reprice and better manage inventory on multiple selling channels other than ChannelMax.
cozigifts on May 18, 2009 2:48 PM GMT
Channelmax for great customer support
We have been using Channelmax for some time now and it is hands down the best option for FBA if you are selling on other channels like E-Bay. We spent many hours looking for a solution with others like Stone Edge, Shipworks, ChannelAdvisor etc. The customer service is great and special needs are taken care of efficiently. I would highly recommend Channelmax to anyone looking for an FBA solution. E-Bay Platinum Powerseller, Audiovideodirect
toste1 on May 23, 2008 3:48 AM GMT
Powerful Function and great customer services
This is a very powerful selling tool. We had been using this services for about a month. Their customer service personnel are very friendly and eager to solve problem for you. Relisting and repricing function save us a lot of time and money. Great program can only be tested with one trial. Give them a chance to prove their wording. Two thumbs up!
Lin on August 20, 2007 3:25 AM GMT
Professinal and timely service. And well priced too.
Having scoured the Internet for months for a working repricing tool, we finally found I have dealt with quite a few of the bigger software companies in this line, and none have come even close to the service, price and support that ChannelMAX has channeled into our business. To begin, as an Gold Featured Merchant with massive cash flow and complex pricing algorithms, we couldn't just take anyone for this job. Paul however, has taken to the task and promptly provided every feature we have asked for, well before we could have expected it to be ready. I have yet to see the support matched at any other company. (When a problem was originally found, he spent hours into the night making sure to have it fixed so that we should not run into any problems.) However, don't take the above to mean that he is only for larger corporations. Before he even knew that we are a big company his support was already outstanding. His pricing will easily beat almost any of the other software providers. The bottom line is, ChannelMAX should be your first, and only choice when selecting an Amazon software service provider. I guaranty it.
babaganoush on June 27, 2007 2:48 AM GMT
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