GridBank, the award winning active archival solution from Tarmin Technologies delivers a robust set of enterprise class features that radically simplify the long term management of unstructured content.


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How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: GridBank seamlessly integrates with Amazon S3, delivering enterprise class, comprehensive active archiving to a cloud target.
Created On: August 24, 2009 10:11 PM GMT
Last Updated: October 29, 2009 7:33 PM GMT
One of the unique technologies at the core of GridBank is its comprehensive object-based secondary storage platform. This allows GridBank to control and manage the backend of on-site storage targets through the creation of virtual heterogeneous storage pools where objects are archived. GridBank's virtual storage pools are vendor and hardware agnostic, scalable to petabytes (PB) of data, self-healing, and highly fault tolerant.

GridBank Cloud Storage Benefits

The key business benefits GridBank support for cloud storage delivers include:
  • Excellent ROI — With cloud storage costs decreasing daily the return on GridBank is almost instant. After migration, free space is immediately available on primary on-site storage, the data is highly secure in the low cost cloud storage, and users can transparently access information data almost as fast as if the storage was on-premise.
  • Storage optimization and management efficiency — The primary storage footprint is reduced though single instancing and data compression, optimizing primary storage performance and capacity.
  • Green storage solution — Gives customers a more environmentally friendly storage infrastructure, as there is no need to power and cool storage on-site (reducing the carbon footprint), and a reduction of the amount of physical material that needs to be recycled when physical storage hardware becomes obsolete.
  • Military-strength security — Leveraging GridBank's numerous security options data in cloud storage remains secure.
  • Transparent and simple user experience — Users access data via one of GridBank's seven methods, all completely transparent to the user - regardless of where the data actually resides.
  • Policy management — GridBank's policy management framework allows organizations to migrate the data from primary hosts and storage to cost effective cloud storage with complete security. All policies created through GridBank can be applied to the data migrated to the cloud storage as if it was part of a GridBank on-premise virtual storage pool.
  • Flexible deployment — Customers can deploy to cloud storage, on-premise, or a combination of both, depending upon customer cost, security, and management plans.
  • E-discovery, search, and indexing — Finding data in cloud storage has traditionally been extremely slow but with GridBank's E-discovery and indexing technology, it is a matter of seconds. The GridBank index lives in the enterprise on GridBank's server grid, providing users with the ability to find the data quickly and perform E-discovery requests very efficiently.
In addition, GridBank 1.5 supports cloud storage services as targets for GridBank archives, repositories, and libraries. Customers can easily and quickly connect the GridBank platform to cloud storage services. On initial release, GridBank will provide connectivity to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), which has grown to store over 52 billion objects.

GridBank's easy-to-use Cloud Storage Wizard allows customers to create connections to various cloud storage targets; it can attach different cloud storage to different GridBank clusters, a single GridBank cluster to multiple cloud storage providers, and provides for both on-premise virtual storage pools and Cloud storage connectivity to the same GridBank configuration. In short, cloud storage is configured, managed, and accessed as easily as data on GridBank's virtual storage pools.

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