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AirPOS Ltd creates affordable software for small to medium size retailers selling across single and multiple points of sale. From traditional bricks-and-mortar, to ecommerce, and eventually to mobile commerce, AirPOS offers real-time access to current and accurate inventory and financial data, helping retailers to better serve their customers, lower operating costs and increase sales.


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Audience: Businesses
Pricing: Both Free and for-fee tiers available
How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: Hosting web stores and back office functionality for AirPOS customers
Created On: June 20, 2010 5:00 PM GMT
Last Updated: June 23, 2010 3:18 PM GMT

The AirPOS software system has been designed to be easy to install and use and simple to maintain. Out of the box, or through a small download, the AirPOS software offers:


Compatibility with all versions of Windows from Windows XP Service Pack 2 onwards in addition to compatibility with Mac and Linux platforms.

Compatibility with most current hardware meaning no hardware replacement or upgrade is necessary for installation and operation.

Simple plug and play operation of leading ePOS hardware including Epson standard with new devices supported on a regular basis.

AirPOS can be installed and used on multiple till points across an unlimited amount of stores, with no engineer callout necessary.


Our desktop software is created on the industry standard Adobe � AIR � platform lending it multiple operating system and mobile device support. Other standard features of the AirPOS desktop software include:
• Powerful user management through secure logins allowing you to track staff's sales and usage of the system and to assign user levels to limit functionality as required
• Simple scan and sell operation of the sales screen allows payments to be taken quickly and easily
• Live discounting and margins on wholesale / retail pricing allows fast and accurate decisions to be made on in store discounts
• Stock level warnings and supplier data allows fast identification of low stock items and enables easy replenishment
• Flexible reporting enables easy reconciliation of finance and sales data with a powerful control panel allowing bespoke reports to be easily created
• FREE updates for life that are seamlessly installed, no technical knowledge required to stay up to date
• Simple intuitive design created for use on both touch screen and non touch devices allows flexibility in choosing hardware, from standard desktop PCs, laptops and tablet PCs to specialised ePOS touch screen devices.
• Online and offline modes of operation guards against loss of data, helps to keep all stock integrated and aids disaster planning to ensure your data is safe.
• Intelligent stock management assigns products to the store they reside in making warehousing and delivery tracking simple.
• Simple stock reassignment allows stock to move between locations with check out / check in at all sites to ensure inventory integrity.
• Single click generation of your online store from any till point or through the AirPOS website adds integrated online sales to your ePOS. • Personalisation of the application, till receipts and reports with logos and brand specific design


The AirPOS online backoffice allows management level users to simply perform critical tasks from any internet connected computer or smartphone removing the need for on-site servers.

AirPOS backoffice and webstore solutions are hosted on the powerful, scalable and secure Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform lending the system both the speed and reliability required for critical tasks.

Full nightly backups of all data on Amazon S3 Secure Storage

Perfect stock integration across all of your till points and online store enables real-time visibility of all inventory at all times. This transparent view helps to identify stock issues, shrinkage and employee fraud quickly and easily whilst giving an excellent indication of best selling items and items that are slower to move.

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