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aiCache supports over 30,000 HTTPS RSA1024 SSL sessions per second, all running on a single amazon instance. Supports encryption from web server to aiCache and from aiCache to client.


Company: aiCache Ltd
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Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Beta)
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Created On: January 15, 2010 3:24 PM GMT
Last Updated: April 20, 2010 7:43 PM GMT
HTTPS Site Acceleration

aiCache solves the cloud issue of slow SSL speeds and the need for expensive dedicated hardware, by bringing high speed SSL encryption and decryption to the Cloud.

The aiCache linear scaling model utilizes multi-core CPU instances. This provides nearly unlimited scalability for HTTPS traffic in software. We are able to achieve over 30,000 RSA1024 SSL sessions per second, from a single AWS virtual instance.

aiCache manages HTTPS and HTTP traffic, relieving web servers from the overhead of encryption, while providing a superior customer experience and delivering full complement of industry-leading aiCache Web Application Acceleration features.

Sticky Session (HTTPS OS Persistence) aiCache provides complete support for sticky sessions for http and https. We also have configurations to manage dual http https environments on the same instance.

The new release fully supports earlier configuration file syntax, allowing existing customers to simply drop-in a replacement binary.

Customers in the Cloud, with Amazon Web Services and Rightscale, will have the Version Six capabilities available at no additional cost.

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aiCache is available on the Rightscale management platform.

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