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Myfitbrain is a set of innovative brain training games which are available at no charge to users due to its unique advertising model. Myfitbrain, started with the premise of allowing everyone to benefit from fun software that stimulated and sharpened the mind. In order for that to be possible, Myfitbrain came up with a new advertising model which allows advertisers to dynamically load products into the game pieces, significantly increasing product recognition when compared to traditional advertising methods.


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Audience: Consumers
Pricing: Free of charge
How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: Amazon hosts all services and storage for these brain games and learning system
Created On: May 5, 2009 2:05 PM GMT
Last Updated: May 20, 2009 11:57 PM GMT includes multiple types of mental fitness games focusing on different parts of the brain to sharpen the overall brain and encourage the generation new brain cells. While some consumers exclusively enjoy games such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles which stimulates some areas of the brain, stimulating many cognitive areas of the brain is significantly more beneficial. The learning management system built into Myfitbrain will maintain a player's performance and drive them through the different games while challenging different cognitive abilities. The patent pending advertising model will incorporate a company's brand name or products (icons) directly into the playing of the brain games. During the course of play, users will be directly interacting with the icons. While people play the games, they will repeatedly say the icon name to themselves. Myfitbrain will continue to develop more mental fitness games to keep the novelty of the game playing high which helps to stimulate the brain. Myfitbrain will work closely with its advertising partners and their agencies to develop challenging games that incorporate products into the games and that are stimulating to the mind.
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