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Pixily is an innovative new online service that provides consumers with their very own digital personal assistant to effortlessly and securely scan, file, organize and manage any and all of their paper and electronic documents — whether they are keepsakes such as old letters and emails, invitations or children's artwork; favorite recipes; important articles; medical records or bills. Once scanned, Pixily returns the documents to the consumer so they can be recycled.


Company: Pixily
Inquiry e-mail address: john@pixily.com
Amazon Web Services Used: Amazon Simple Queue Service (Beta)
Solution URL: www.pixily.com
Audience: Consumers
Pricing: Both Free and for-fee tiers available
Created On: November 14, 2008 7:29 PM GMT
Last Updated: February 11, 2009 11:01 PM GMT
For consumers, Pixily is a digital organization assistant that quickly organizes paper and electronic materials securely online so information can be found in an instant, whenever and wherever it is needed. Pixily is also an affordable on-demand document management service for businesses that saves organizations time and money and enables them to be more environmentally friendly.

Pixily is proving to be a useful tool to a wide range of busy consumers including household managers, soccer moms, entrepreneurs and mompreneurs, family historians and scrapbookers, and college and grad-school students. Because Pixily can be accessed at anytime from any location with Internet access, it is far more useful than a traditional filing tool. For instance, Pixily can be a lifesaver when a busy mother needs a recipe while on the road, or for the grad student who needs to access a paper he had written in college. Pulling up children's medical records for school registration night or referencing a vacation rental contract while traveling are also quite simple with Pixily.

Consumers put Pixily to work by securely sending their paper and electronic documents to Pixily via email, scanner or Pixily "scanvelope," a water-and tamper-resistant, pre-paid postage envelopes designed to securely mail documents to Pixily. Upon receipt, Pixily will scan, categorize and upload the documents to a customer's secure web account, where they can be safely accessed by authorized users from any location. By accessing their Pixily account, consumers can effortlessly organize their documents with Pixily's labeling tools, quickly find information with keyword searches and securely share documents with others.
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