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Integrates full Amazon catalog with personal, secure, sharable gift registries which reside in house.
Last Modified: Nov 18, 2006 0:12 AM GMT
Pongyow is a site for people who wonder, "what do I do with all of my family's photos and movies?"
Last Modified: Nov 17, 2006 23:54 PM GMT
VST-iTV is a Java-based software framework that simplifies the search process, the presentation and the interaction with online content using the TV and a remote control. Key factor is the ability to transform, real-time, data and functions in images, thus in a TV compatible content.
Last Modified: Nov 17, 2006 23:49 PM GMT
SmilePooling helps to create groups with your friends/colleagues to save on shipping costs.
Last Modified: Nov 17, 2006 22:56 PM GMT
Top Sellers for Amazon in a free Google Desktop gadget that displays the best-selling products in 32 categories from
Last Modified: Nov 1, 2006 0:34 AM GMT
Podmailer is a simple software that enables anyone to send and receive e-mails with attachments exceeding 1GB thanks to Peer-To-Peer transfers. Podmailer doubles up as an easy to use BitTorrent client.
Last Modified: Oct 31, 2006 23:11 PM GMT
Competitious is a tool to track, research, and share information about your competitors with your team.
Last Modified: Oct 28, 2006 0:01 AM GMT
Free access to web site traffic, ranking and statistical information.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2006 23:53 PM GMT
Quite simply, the easiest and most robust amazon store builder ever created. Build your customized online website storefront in under 15 minutes with millions of Amazon Affiliate products. Select your categories, upload to your domain and manage your site through our proprietary administration Amazon Easy Store builder interface. You select the categories and products by checking a box!
Last Modified: Oct 20, 2006 17:52 PM GMT
Zoovy unifies the different aspects of selling online so merchants can synchronize their inventory across multiple marketplaces and their websites, map products to categories, maintain listings, process orders, automate the shipping and tracking processes and more. With Zoovy's centralized solution, merchants save time and money while expanding their businesses.
Last Modified: Oct 18, 2006 23:45 PM GMT
SOAPSonar is a Web Services testing tool that enables Amazon developers to quickly test and provision Amazon EC2 web services.
Last Modified: Oct 18, 2006 22:17 PM GMT
Sync2S3 is an online backup and synchronization solution based on Amazon S3. Uploaded files are additionally compressed and highly secured encrypted.
Last Modified: Oct 18, 2006 22:13 PM GMT
A product research/review tool to help Mr. Rebates customers evaluate thousands of products from
Last Modified: Oct 18, 2006 19:23 PM GMT
Xbox Radar helps people find Xbox 360 consoles, games and accessories as well as Xbox 360 news, blogs, links, sofware and more.
Last Modified: Oct 18, 2006 19:20 PM GMT
With this widget, not only will people buy you things from your Amazon Wishlist, but you can get paid when they do!
Last Modified: Oct 17, 2006 18:27 PM GMT
Texsy Ads Automatically Monetize Product Mentions on your Site. Your content is analyzed and relevant keywords are underlined. Ads that show products and prices pop up when the user mouses-over the keyword.
Last Modified: Oct 17, 2006 18:21 PM GMT
Neatoscan service allows anyone to quickly find inventory to sell on Amazon. Scout, list,appraise, search by ISBN/UPC/EAN/Title. Everything is possible with Neatoscan.
Last Modified: Oct 17, 2006 18:14 PM GMT
Search textbooks by school and class information.
Last Modified: Oct 17, 2006 18:01 PM GMT
A desktop application interface to that allows users to create profiles for friends and family members. This is intended to make online shopping faster and easier.
Last Modified: Oct 17, 2006 17:47 PM GMT
Are you interested in adding a store to your website? Use our free template and select from categories. Functionality is as shown on with editable template coding. Within set parameters, customize to the look and feel of your website.
Last Modified: Oct 17, 2006 17:33 PM GMT
The TouchGraph Amazon Browser allows users to visualize networks of similar books, music, and other items. Users can also see books, etc, grouped by author, subject, and publisher.
Last Modified: Sep 1, 2006 18:24 PM GMT
E41ST is a mashup between and the Public Library system. It provides an integrated interface wherein book lovers can get an enriched browsing experience based on's content, but at the same time have the ability to seamlessly lookup selected book's availability in their library.
Last Modified: Aug 31, 2006 21:36 PM GMT
Service that allows you to build trading models and backtest them on billions of price bars.
Last Modified: Aug 31, 2006 21:34 PM GMT
S3FoxOrganizer is a Firefox extension that helps you organize/manage/store your files on Amazon S3. It is easy to install and use as it is integrated into the browser.
Last Modified: Aug 25, 2006 1:20 AM GMT
Feedback Forager helps sellers receive much more feedback from their customers. Not only more ratings, but more 5-star ratings.
Last Modified: Aug 25, 2006 0:59 AM GMT
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