AWS Data Exchange Partner Spotlight: Domo

Explore thousands of third-party data products directly within Domo

Discover Third-Party Data in the Domo AppStore

Domo’s Business Cloud empowers organizations with BI leverage to identify and act on strategic opportunities in real-time. With Domo, anyone in the organization can securely access, consume, and interact with data to optimize business performance.

Domo customers can now discover thousands of third-party data products from AWS Data Exchange directly within their domo experience, making it easy to discover, subscribe to, and integrate third-party data to drive insights using Domo solutions.

Watch this demo to learn how to use third-party data directly within Domo

Find, subscribe to, and use data products in the Domo Appstore 

Domo Quickstart Dashboards provide actionable Insights

Domo’s Quickstart dashboards are a seamless way for users to instantly consume and analyze data across multiple industries. From foot traffic and financial data to retail and consumer insights, you can now turn to Domo Quickstart Dashboards to gain deeper insights into available data providers in real time situations, such as which U.S. cities are becoming the hot spots to move to or what schools quickly opened up after the Covid-19 pandemic.

safegraph logo

SafeGraph provides data or physical places, covering business listing information, building footprints, and foot-traffic insights for more than 6 million Points-of-Interest (POI) in both the US and Canada.

Check out this SafeGraph Quickstart dashboard to track and compare visitor foot traffic data by mobile device type and geographic locations in the United States.

Dashboard Highlights:

  • Understand and compare visits and visitor trends for each state
  • Estimate the scope of new strategies to attract more visitors
  • Identify the states for the higher and lower number of visits

burbio logo

Burbio is the industry leader in aggregating school, government, library and community event information. Burbio’s event data is mined and aggregated to provide analysis on anything from COVID school opening trends to zip code specific school spring vacation dates.

View this live Burbio dashboard to gain insights into student enrollment and school opening trends across the country.

Dashboard Highlights:

  • Easily monitor the learning trends for specific regions
  • Gain insights about school openings across different regions
  • Get real-time insights for fast decision-making 

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