Posted On: Nov 2, 2016

Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports major version upgrade from 11g to 12c.

To upgrade your existing RDS for Oracle instances running 11g ( to 12c( with just a few clicks from "Modify DB Instance Wizard" in the AWS Management Console, select the appropriate DB Engine version ( To learn about the enhancements and new features included in, please refer to our documentation on Oracle versions.

If you are using Oracle Standard Edition or Oracle Standard Edition One on your instances running or, the supported version for upgrade to is Standard Edition Two. Please Refer to our documentation on Oracle Standard Edition Two upgrade paths for more details.

To upgrade your instances running or, you need to first upgrade them to followed by the upgrade to mentioned above. To learn about the upgrade paths supported, please refer to our documentation on upgrade paths supported.

Learn more by visiting the Amazon RDS for Oracle Feature Overview, and DB engine Release Notes pages.