Athenascope Designs a Deep Learning Analytics Platform with AWS Data Lab

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Athenascope’s multi-vendor analytics solution was quickly outpacing the organization's business intelligence needs. Athenascope was juggling aggregating multiple data sets to produce sophisticated insights on player behavior and the only solution ahead was to build an all-in-one data lake that would help eliminate data silos, reduce self-managed extract-transform-load (ETL) infrastructure cost, simplify the process of building data pipelines, and improve speed-to-insights.


Athenascope collaborated with AWS Data Lab in a two-day Design Lab to create a lake house architecture for batch and real-time data processing. The architecture leverages Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to ingest player events and neural net outputs, AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to capture transactional game highlights, and AWS AppFlow for 3rd party API data set integration. This serverless architecture replaces Athenascope's self-managed ETL infrastructure with AWS Glue and the query-engine is powered by Amazon Athena to provide ad-hoc querying capabilities across aggregated datasets. Lastly, Amazon QuickSight is used as the visualization layer, providing a simple way for business analysts to make sense of player behavior. See architecture diagram below.


Athenascope left the Design Lab with a scalable, all-in-one analytics architecture on AWS that empowers the organization to spend less time on building and manual upkeep, and more time exploring and generating player insights. By centralizing all of Athenascope's data in one location using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and leveraging purpose-built analytics services such as Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight, Athenascope expects this solution to save hours of time across its development and product management teams for both analytics and machine learning use cases.

“Cutting-edge applied machine learning requires a hefty data solution. With Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight, we can easily query across machine learning-generated game, video, and user data, allowing us to provide deeper insights to consumers and game developers alike.”

Rachel Chai, VP of Product, Athenascope

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  • Athenascope enables gamers and content creators to make and share great content with artificial intelligence assists. Using cutting-edge developments in computer vision and artificial intelligence, Athenascope analyzes gameplay and automatically surfaces the most compelling gameplay moments.

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  • AWS Data Lab offers accelerated, joint engineering engagements between customers and AWS technical resources to create tangible deliverables that accelerate data and analytics modernization initiatives. During the lab, AWS Data Lab Solutions Architects and AWS service experts support the customer by providing prescriptive architectural guidance, sharing best practices, and removing technical roadblocks. Customers leave the engagement with a prototype that is custom fit to their needs, a path to production, deeper knowledge of AWS services, and new relationships with AWS service experts.

Architecture Diagram

Athenascope architecture

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