AWS Germany – Amazon Web Services in Deutschland

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  1. Create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account
  2. Creating an IAM account for daily work
  3. Creating a Billing Alert to control cost
  4. Creating an EC2 instance with Linux
  5. Creating a Linux AMI
  6. Creating an Elastic Load Balancer
  7. Assigning a static IP address with EIP
  8. Creating an EC2 instance with Windows
  9. Creating a Windows AMI
  10. Installing and using the AWS command line tools
  11. Using an IAM Role to give API permissions to an EC2 instance
  12. First steps with the storage service S3
  13. First steps with the DNS service Route 53
  14. Hosting a static website in S3
  15. Route 53 DNS Failover
  16. Using lifecycle policies in S3 and Glacier
  17. Creating a scalable NoSQL table with DynamoDB
  18. Creating a highly available database with RDS
  19. Point in Time Restore with Amazon RDS
  20. Creating a data warehouse cluster with Amazon Redshift
  21. Adding EBS volumes to an EC2 Linux instance
  22. Adding EBS volumes to an EC2 Windows instance
  23. Deploying AWS Storage Gateway
  24. Amazon Workspaces deployment
  25. Auto Scaling in EC2