At Amazon we’ve been obsessing over game developers and publishers since 1998, when we first started selling games for the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis. Unleash your imagination and create your most ambitious games with AWS. We know that building a successful game is expensive and time consuming. Focus your energy on your game experience and let AWS deliver scale, fidelity, security, and computational power.

This Gaming webinar series throughout June & July covered a broad range of topics at varying technical levels, guiding you through analytics, backend infrastructure, microservices, in-app purchases and a lot more. Learn how to leverage the power of AWS so you can focus on your players!

Below you will find the slide decks from all webinars along with other useful information to help you create an improved gaming experience. 

gaming June 12 session 1

Some of the biggest companies in the Gaming Industry heavily utilize AWS, including Ubisoft, Supercell, Rovio and many more. In this session we will provide a high-level view on the reasons so many Gaming companies choose AWS, including cost benefits, global reach, reliability, faster game development - and most importantly, strategic partnerships.

gaming June 12 Session 2

First impressions count. This is especially true for online games that are accompanied by huge marketing campaigns and social media activity in the weeks leading to the launch. In this session, we will cover how leveraging AWS services with built-in elasticity can enable developers to scale in and out with unpredictable load and allow them to excite their players with a high quality first experience.

gaming June 19 session 1

Given the dominance of free to play model & in-app purchases offered in the gaming industry, devotion to in-game analytics separates the successful companies from the rest. Most game companies understand the importance of analytics but only a few have unlocked their full potential. Join this webinar for a deep dive into game analytics using services like Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch and Redshift. We’ll demonstrate an actual analytics solution using the popular game Codecombat showing real-time and batch data. This example will guide you through the various AWS services available to build your own analytics platform and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions to AWS experts.

gaming June 19 session 2

How to setup a scalable and sustainable backend infrastructure for millions of concurrent users, using AWS. In his talk, Roman will outline which parts of the AWS ecosystem are crucial to build a highly reliable high-performance system, as well as pointing out strategies for fast deployment and efficient maintenance.


What are the Top 50 Apps and Games doing with In-App Purchase that the rest of the developers are not? In its role as a mobile app publisher, Amazon Appstore is perfectly positioned to analyze and interpret millions of mobile downloads and in-app purchases, leading to some surprising and intriguing insights into mobile app engagement and monetization. In this talk we'll discuss a cohort analysis designed to identify best practices common among the Top 50 revenue-generating apps and games, and we'll understand how to optimize your app to attract big spenders and power users.

gaming June22-2

Forge of Empires is one of the leading online games in the world. With over 50 million registered players and a lifetime revenue of several hundred million euros, the game is a major success in multiple markets. Started as a browser game, Forge of Empires became fully cross-platform over the last years, meaning you can play the same account in the browser, with your phone or on your tablet. At the end of 2015, InnoGames released a dedicated version for the Amazon Appstore. In this webinar, we want to share with you our knowledge about the chances and challenges in the development and the learnings we gathered during this process. You will get insights into our development processes and we’ll share some numbers from our analytics department.

gaming June 26 - session 1

Keeping your mobile audience engaged is hard. Not only do you need to constantly enhance your players experience with regular updates and continuous production, but also need to be deliver fast. Join us in this session to learn how mobile online game services are created today and how to leverage the AWS Mobile SDK to engage your players.


In this session we will take a closer look at how to build massive scalable Microservices platform based on Docker containers. We will dive deep into some of the challengesof running Microservices, such as load balancing, service discovery, and secrets management, and we will see how Amazon ECS can help address them. In addition, we'll also take a look at the capabilities of the new ECS task placement engine, the built-in ECS schedulers and explore how customers can build custom schedulers using the ECS event stream and Blox.

gaming July 3 session 1

Since its beginning, the gaming industry has been following and undeniable trend. Games are becoming bigger, more connected and more complex than ever before. This creates a challenge for developers, who wish to create experiences that their players demand. At Amazon Game Services we have been hard at work developing technology to help with these challenges. In this session we will take a look at the key features of Amazon Lumberyard, a free AAA game engine deeply integrated into AWS and Twitch and GameLift, a managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling dedicated game servers for session-based multiplayer games and how they can help you to build rich engaging games for your players.

gaming July 3 session 2

8 months in to development of SlingShot Cartel's 'The D.R.G. Initiative', Graham Watson of Third Kind Games provides a brief overview of the team's experience using Amazon Lumberyard in a real-world-project. He reviews some of the new systems that Amazon have introduced, talks about the challenged they have faced along the way, and gives hints and tips on how to make a multiplayer online game using Amazon Lumberyard.




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