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Focus on optimizing your factory operations, not on the infrastructure needed to make it happen. Amazon distributes billions of products using cutting edge automation, machine learning and AI, and robotics, with AWS at its core. Transform your manufacturing operations with the most comprehensive and advanced set of cloud solutions available today, while taking advantage of the highest level of security.

Optimizing production and asset optimization at Georgia Pacific with AWS (1:25)

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“We needed to improve our ability to serve our markets through end-to-end process optimization and improved asset health. We also had to find a way to predict asset failure 60-90 days ahead of time, because we wanted to eliminate unplanned downtime that could negatively impact operations and lead to lost revenue.”

Steve Bakalar, Vice President of IT/Digital Transformation - Georgia-Pacific

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  • Smart Factory
  • Smart Factory
  • Smart Factory

    Collect device data in a variety of formats to store, analyze, and act on production and maintenance systems to improve operational effectiveness and reduce cost.

    CPG Smart Factory

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