AWS Executive Insights: France

With the race to digital dominance underway in most French industries, French leaders are sharing their experiences, best practices and transformative ideas for how they are leveraging the AWS Cloud to accelerate their digital business transformation and develop the digital skills necessary to create new forms of business value.

Conversations with Leaders
Unlocking Business Value with the Cloud

Philip Potloff, Head of Enterprise Strategy, sits down with three cloud leaders to explore how they are using technology and the cloud to deliver business growth and outcomes faster.

Driving Change From the Top Down (France Edition)
Ebook (France Edition)
Driving Change From the Top Down
Being in a position of power while still empowering your teams
Julien Groues

General Manager, AWS, France

Within today’s economic climate, corporations are looking at new ways to create new business models and improve existing ones. No one can afford to waste any resources on technical debt with the need to address these resources towards innovation. But removing that ballast – cultural, financial or technical - requires change. And change in any organization of any size is difficult.

AWS Enterprise Strategist Mark Schwartz has a particular view on how to overcome those difficulties. As he explains in this ebook, change is often easier to implement when...

Julien Groues, General Manager, AWS, France
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Sylvie Houliere Mayca
Head of Greenfield Sales, AWS, France

In France, as in the rest of Europe, the pace of cloud adoption is accelerating all the time. But as managers and business leaders seek to benefit from the agility and intelligence of cloud technology, they are having to confront a growing problem: the ever-widening skills gap in the digital workforce.

The shortfall of skilled and certified talent in France alone numbers around 80,000, with 40% of employers across Europe reporting difficult to recruit the ICT professionals they need.

The assumption among many organizations is that...

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Supercharge Your Skills for Cloud Success (France Edition)
Ebook (France Edition)
Supercharge Your Skills for Cloud Success
Autonomous teams power business transformation
Chief Digital Officer
Zendesk logo
Hervé Coureil, Schneider Electric

Hervé shares his thoughts on how to identify and nurture future leaders, ways to inspire teams to raise the bar, and the importance of transparency.

What are Your Cloud Transformation Principles? (France Edition)
Ebook (France Edition)
What are Your Cloud Transformation Principles?
Taking time now will save you incalculable time later
Christian Chevalier

Head of Sales, AWS, France

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of French Businesses. From my experiences I have observed some important learnings, fundamental throughout the transformation process. These provide a consistent benchmark that ensures all changes are aligned with the needs of the business.

Firstly, a successful transformation requires the CEO and Executive Committee to be on board from the start. To achieve this, the CIO needs to be completely convinced and able to demonstrate the value that the transformation would have on the business. If benefits are not acknowledged by them...

Christian Chevalier, Head of Sales, AWS, France
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